Halloween Book Giveaway: Christopher Pike’s Thirst No. 2 & 3

HOW TO ENTER TO WIN To enter, simply hit the like button for this blog’s Facebook page, below. Then leave a comment simply stating Pike and your Facebook username, for instance, I would comment, Pike Emma Moon. I… Read More


missemmamm’s 11 Most Popular Posts of 2011 + Fun Stats

Now I present you with the top 11 most popular posts of 2011 (based on pageviews). Plus a few thoughts on them. 1. Top Sex Comedies on Netflix Streaming-22,192 pageviews-this post accounts for almost 12% of my site’s… Read More


I’m a LAMB

This is a quick post to let you guys know that missemmamm.com is now listed and featured on LAMB (aka The Large Association of Movie Blogs). The LAMB is the premier movie blog directory – a one-stop shop… Read More

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