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Not Quite Nancy


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iced coffee by missemmamm

“I feel like Nancy”, she stated gleefully, sipping an iced coffee in booty shorts. He just smiled, saying nothing. Having watched the premium cable show about a coffee sipping, scantily clad, dope dealing mom together he knew to what she was referring. There were speeding down a highway in the summer sun. She wasn’t worried about a destination. She assumed there wasn’t one. He just liked to drive sometimes.

She felt sexy, content and loved. Maybe he was driving out to another town or going to turn abruptly and take in some nature. Either way they were together.

To soon he turned into a rough looking housing development. She hadn’t been there since childhood but the sign stating their location made her uneasy. “I’ll just run over there and talk to those guys, stay here”, he instructed her, gesturing to his van.

Nervousness creeped up on her as he crossed over to a group of men in his incredibly unfortunate ensemble. His preppy, high end mall wear clashed with their baggy casualness. She cringed as they made him produce his driver’s license.

Eventually he returned, trying not to look flustered, “I don’t have a connection here”. A few minutes later one of the men came over, “It looks bad with you sitting here, drive around the corner”. “You’re not gonna beat me man are you?”, he inquired, now obviously worried. “No, just go around there”.

“Maybe we should just leave, I think they’re gonna beat me”, he repeated his phrase for someone just keeping his dough. They didn’t leave though. A different man walked over a few minutes later, asking for more money for his wife, who was standing around with their kids, offering him something better. He agreed, though he once again asked, “are you gonna beat me?”.

Not long after she turned her head slowly to try to avoid the scene. Three men, features partially obscured by bandannas were thrusting guns into his face as he handed over the remainder of his money.

As they sped away he repeatedly apologized, “I never should have put you in that situation, I never will again”. She was in shock. She couldn’t speak on the way home.

Upon entering the kitchen she immediately poured them tall drinks, lots of whiskey. “I’m so sorry”. She thrust him his drink, “let’s never talk about it”.

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“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”Indiana Jones

There may be things that I have in common with both Indiana Jones and my mother (for instance, our love of hats), but an innate fear of snakes isn’t one of them.

totally safe if you were a pre-teen in the 90s

A few months ago my now fiance and I went to spend the day at the mall. We arrived early and as we were waiting outside a small trailer showed up that said something to the effect of wild reptile show. I commented on how cool/odd this was to him but I just assumed this person was stopping by the mall to buy something.

I was wrong, once the doors were unlocked we were treated to a display of snakes, a baby crocodile, gecko, etc. directly in front of Burlington Coat Factory. How wild! I totally took a ton of time snapping pics of these awesome animals. It’s not every day that I see a baby crocodile…or a gecko that’s not trying to sell me insurance.

Of course they were in cases and there wasn’t any type of danger present but I find it interesting that they fascinate me so. Plus as an incredible worry wart these types of animals don’t really frighten me (uh, much). For instance I used to see a guy who owned a couple of deadly snakes that sometimes got loose in his home (that did scare my mother when I told her). Plus as a kid I requested the $5 from my dad to wear a snake around my neck and receive a polaroid of it at a very small circus (as seen above).

So without further ado, please enjoy this short video and photos of some neat reptiles. They are not labeled as I don’t know their specific names. If you are a reptile expert or hobbyist please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what they are actually called. (The cases were labeled but I didn’t snap photos of those, whoops!)

P.S. Photo quality differs on some of the photos because I starting snapping pics with my phone prior to realizing that I had brought my digital camera with me that day (which I then switched to).

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Legal (& Otherwise) Drug Songs from Emma_moon on 8tracks.

Includes 21 tracks from The Rolling Stones, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Jefferson Airplane, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, Nirvana, Panic at the Disco, Dave Navarro, Eric Clapton, Motley Crue, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Dokken & more!

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Corrupting the Amish Since 1992

(click the thumbnails to view the full photos)

When I lived in Maryland and answered the “Where are you from?” question with “Pennsylvania” the next question was “Are you Amish?” and then “Did you live on a farm?”. The quick answer to both is this

However some Mennonite kids did attend our high school. NOTE: They were just teenagers, like anyone else. What was really cool though was when I was in grade school one of our teachers arranged a field trip to an Amish school that wasn’t too far away after we had studied their culture. Since my mother thought that I was responsible she lent me her 110 camera. Yes, I’ve been taking way too many photos for years.

A classmate and I were teamed up with this nice Amish girl named Helen who asked if she could take a picture. When I said yes she ran off and finished the roll. At the time I was a little peeved. Now I think that this is pretty neat. I mean not knowing then that they didn’t allow their photo to be taken it’s probably rare to have a bunch of photos taken by an Amish girl of her everyday life.

I don’t much from the trip but I do remember that they served the best ice cream that I had ever eaten.

Note: I do not recall exactly which faith these particular people followed and I don’t remember the name of the school either.

Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovic (1996)
You didn’t think that you were getting out of here without something Witness related did you?

Check It Out
Amish on Wikipedia
Mennonite Information Center
The Amish in the Media at
The Amish Village Tour in Lancaster County, PA ($8.25 for adults, $5 for children 5-12, children 4 and under are free)
Plaza Flea Market – If you are in the Baltimore, MD area check out the Amish Farmers Market section where they sell some really tasty fresh food including the best pretzels and ice cream.


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