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Weird Al’s new album Alpocalypse was recently released which reminded me of these Polaroids that I had sitting around. In 2000 my father surprised my sister and I with tickets to a Weird Al concert. We took a Polaroid camera (for instant gratification) and a 110. Somehow I managed to hang onto these for years and thought that I would post them. They aren’t great quality or anything but are fun and nostalgic. My scanner didn’t scan the white part so you can barely tell that they are Polaroids. (According to the internet digital cameras had been out for a few years at this point but they were still expensive and no one around here had one.) It was a really fun show and he played all of his then current hits.

Fun Facts About That Show:
We were early and they played 2 Dave Matthews albums prior to the start of the show. My sister turned to me and said “He’s really good, I kinda wish we were seeing him now”.

This concert was on Weird Al’s birthday so some super fans who knew that brought him gifts that his management put away for later. At one point during the show he said sarcastically “I’m really happy to be playing at a skating rink in the middle of nowhere on my birthday.” This was both hilarious and accurate but some of the audience didn’t like it.

At that time there were concerts held there sporadically (we had seen the Beach Boys the previous year) and they allowed photography. However myself and a handful of other fans were taking too many photos obnoxiously and Weird Al totally yelled at us to stop because it was distracting. It was awesome.

Someone keeps track of Weird Al’s Playlists so you can see the one from that tour here. Songs that he played included Gump, It’s All About The Pentiums, Germs, Smells Like Nirvana, Amish Paradise and The Saga Begins. What was really cool was that he performed in his various costumes for the different songs.

Check out his new video, Perform this Way, a parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

“I’ll honestly wear anything except white after Labor Day”

and one of my old favorites from that time period, It’s All About the Pentiums, a parody of Sean Combs’ (too many pseudonyms) It’s All About The Benjamins (also the sexiest Weird Al video, stop judging me!, muah, ha, ha)

“I’m down with Bill Gates, I call him money for short, I call him up at home & I make him do my tech support”



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with Harrison Ford


with Rutger Hauer


As a huge Harrison Ford fan I feel odd singling out another guy when he’s on the page but damn, Rutger Hauer was hot (when not in character murdering people).

Actress Sean Young has recently posted some Polaroids that she took on the set of Blade Runner. Visit her site here to see all of them. I just included my favorites. I love that she is also a fan of this type of shot. I used to annoy the hell out of my friends trying to get all of them to take this style of picture with me.

on the set of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (includes Tone Loc)

She also has a YouTube channel here that includes some footage she shot during the making of films such as Dune. This was my favorite clip on there.

Unfortunately she doesn’t have any behind the scenes stuff up from my favorite movie of hers, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.

Q: Has an actor ever surprised you?
A: Well, I was waiting to meet Harrison Ford for the first time and show him the storyboard drawings for Blade Runner. And I wanted his character to be like Philip Marlowe with a kind of a trilby, a fedora with a slightly wider brim. Very sharp. He’d been shooting Raiders of the Lost Ark, so he arrived at this posh piano bar in London wearing a leather jacket, khaki shirt, and baggy khaki trousers and a hat—fully dressed from the set. I said, “There’s our hat!” He said, “No. This is why I came like this—this is how I am as Indiana Jones. Let’s think again.” We did.

from Q&A With Ridley Scott from Details (check it out for more Blade Runner questions)


(the different versions of Blade Runner explained)

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