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*as long as you have access to a printer

Maybe you weren’t planning on doing anything tonight (or this season) and then you got a call or text from someone asking you to get your butt out and help them party, pass out candy, etc. Maybe you don’t feel like digging through all of your clothing to come up with something. Well if you have a working printer with some ink left in it I have found two choices for you.

Ron Swanson Mask
Click here to download this mask.

The Bloggess Dia De Los Muertos Mask
Click here to download this mask.

SAMPLE Day of the Bloggess Cut Out Mask




Then just print out your choice of mask and tape or glue it to a Popsicle stick or straw. If that’s not your preference you could poke holes in the sides and tie a string or yarn through the holes and then tie it around the back of your head.

Okay, they are masks, not full costumes but they really don’t need to be. Both The Bloggess and Ron Swanson have a wiry sense of humor. So you can get away with telling people in a deadpan manner that yes, these clothes (that you wear all of the time) are actually what they would wear.

I suppose that you could easily dress like Ron if you have access to a man’s clothes (lover, relative, what have you). They are simple and unremarkable.

I’m not really sure what Jenny would wear on a daily basis because I love her for her mind, not her body.

Wait, does that mean that I love Nick Offerman for his body? This post is taking a disturbing turn.

Nick Offerman with his wife Megan Mullally

But Mary Who Are These People And Why Would I Want To Wear Their Faces Over My Face?

Ron Swanson is a fictional TV character (played by actor Nick Offerman) from the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. He’s my favorite freaking character on there. He’s old school and doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks. His hobbies include eating meat and carpentry.

I don’t know the backstory of whoever created the awesome free Ron Swanson mask but their original blog entry on it is here.

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, is a satirical writer, with a huge following on her blog. She also has a book coming out next year. She’s freaking hilarious.

Recently an artist named Rachael Rossman offered a print out of the above mask (which is based on a photo of The Bloggess) as an incentive in her Kickstarter Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) Portrait Series. I did participate (as a $1 backer, hey I’m poor, otherwise I definitely would have chosen a higher pledge). She does have the photo up publicly Flicker now so I assume that she is letting anyone download it. Though her project has run it’s course you can contact her via her site to have a portrait commissioned.

Check It Out:
It is Halloween so you should go read about the time that The Bloggess visited the hotel that was featured in The Shining.
my favorite Ron Swanson photos, gifs, videos, art, etc on my tumblr

My Dia De Los Muertos Photo Set from last fall, Photo Set: El Arbol Muerto.

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