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When it comes to a lot of actors I liked them before they got really famous. Off the top of my head I’m thinking of Gerard Butler and Leonardo DiCaprio. However when it comes to Russell Crowe I fell for him when everyone else did when Gladiator hit the screens in 2000.

Then I had to track down as many of his other flicks as possible. This is why I have a box full of video tapes with him in odd movies/roles like the Salma Hayek relationship flick (Breaking Up), the one where he hits a woman (L.A. Confidential), the one where he plays a killer android (Virtuosity), the “western” (The Quick and the Dead), the one where he’s a skinhead (Romper Stomper) and the one he gained weight and made himself look aged for (The Insider). Sure some were bad and others were not my speed.

Looking at Crowe’s resume I’m unsure if I would have watched most of his movies if he wasn’t in them. I still stand by Virtuosity being tacky good fun though. I even had the book adaptation of Proof of Life because it had a sex scene in it that was edited from the movie and one of his band’s CDs. In the 2000’s he went on to make some great, but depressing films. All in all I find it crazy how great Crowe is that I’d basically watch him in anything.

I’m still kicking myself for not going to be an extra in The Next Three Days, which was shot in Pittsburgh.

This may be one of the most rambling things I’ve ever written. Oh well, what can I say? Russell Crowe is a sexy, manly man from Down Under who doesn’t exactly inspire coherent thoughts from me.

Russell Crowe’s naked butt in Virtuosity

The Quick and the Dead: The Bordello Scene (originally cut from the US release)

kissing scene from Proof of Life

Check It Out

Read A Tragic History of Male Nudity In Science Fiction (includes Virtuosity)

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