Style File: Rawr

To paraphrase Elizabeth Wurtzel, my past year has been one long emergency. This was a night during one of my many setbacks. At any rate, when I’m down, ya know I drink, drink hard, drink at the local… Read More


Weekend in Underland/Ireland

Unlike usual I actually did a few fun things earlier this month (03/05 & 03/06). I was originally gonna do one or more photo makeup tutorials but being completely inexperienced with that I found that I took the… Read More


Madly in Love with Me Necklace Giveaway

Photo by Larissa Meeks Today is Madly in Love with ME/Self Love Day. I read about this on gala darling’s Carousel. I’m still figuring out how to love instead of hate myself. I’ve decided to write five 5… Read More


Puppy Love=Radical Self Love

You can view the slideshow here One of my favorite bloggers gala darling has declared February Radical Self Love month. I was a bit down the other day and decided to read many of the Radical Self posts… Read More

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