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Yes, Hot Donna and I did it up in Atlantic City. So here’s a short video I shot while we were there and she was getting us breakfast.

I have also included this video featuring the Stefon character that I’m imitating above, from Saturday Night Live, in case you are not a huge fan like me and don’t know who I’m referring to.

Note: We did pay for our stay at Bally’s.
We were comped the tickets to Providence. Just fill out the form on their site to get on the VIP guest list.

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“Is this your first trip…well don’t worry things hardly ever fuck up around here”

4 out of 5 stars

“No wonder you’re having nightmares, you’re always watching the news”

This post is for the LAMB Acting School 101: Arnold Schwarzenegger. When I thought of Arnold Total Recall instantly came to mind. The remake starring Colin Farrell is being released in August so it’s fresh in my mind. My sister remarked, “well what sucks is that we already know the ending”.

That’s when I realized that I hadn’t watched the film in years. In fact when I dug out my VHS (yes, I still buy them at the flea market sometimes, that’s me with the quarters, jealous?) I wasn’t sure I’d ever watched the entire movie all of the way through. I was young when it came out, with a short attention span. I’m now pretty sure I’d only watched 20 minutes of it here and there before a commercial came on some cable station and I said fuck it.

While my sister has probably seen every Schwarzenegger flick a half dozen times over I’m not as familiar with his ouvrir. So, I thought, why not give the original a spin?

“…you ever fuck a mutant…”

“…I have to hand it to you, that’s the best mind fuck yet”

The consensus? I totally dug it. I realized when I saw Paul Verhoeven’s name show up on screen and what could be considered completely unnecessary cursing that this is a flick for me. In case you are unaware, Verhoeven is also the visionary director behind my all time favorite movie Showgirls. BTW-The amazing Dan O’Bannon was a writer on the film.

If you haven’t seen Total Recall let’s put it this way, it’s set in one of my favorite sci-fi genres, the paleofuturistic style flick (meaning an envisioned future that never came to pass). Plus it’s dystopian, you really can’t beat that combo.

Arnie is a construction worker with a beautiful wife (Sharon Stone) and the ammenities of modern life. However he feels strongly drawn to Mars. You see in this future Mars has been colonized. However on Earth people don’t really know what is going down there. They just know that it’s considered dangerous.

At the same time Earth’s inhabitants are bombarded with ads from a company called Rekall. Rekall will implant a memory in your mind. This way you can take an awesome trip and really feel like you went there for less than the price of the actual trip. Plus there’s supposedly a lot less risk involved, except you know, they are fucking with your brain.

Arnie mentions his desire to visit Rekall to a friend who tries to warn him that it’s a bad idea. You could get lebotomized or something. At Rekall they try to talk him into a stress free trip but his heart is set on Mars. He dreams of Mars. He feels like he’s already been there.

His memory implant involves being a secret agent and dating a brunette (his wife is blonde, he needs the variety). So when everything seemingly goes to shit and they can’t implant him because the techs say he’s been wiped before you’re never really sure what’s around the corner, just like Arnie.

As they tell him, if that’s the fantasy you asked for then what’s the chance that’s your real life and this mission to help the mutants of Mars is true?

So what is the outcome?

Watch and find out.

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This is how happy this dress makes me, I'm not a smiler.

From the moment that I laid eyes on this Red foil slinky mini dress from Leg Avenue I fell hard. I rarely wear red but this looked so fun. My birthday was coming up. I was weighing options on what to wear at the time. I was unsure of where I could even wear such an eyecatching dress but I figured even if I ended up staying in my small town that I’d hit up the local gay bar because you can never upstage a drag queen.

Instead I wore it in Atlantic City!

getting ready to head out to Club Providence at the Tropicana in my hotel room at Bally's

But back to the dress. It arrived in a plain box. That’s something that I love about EdenFantasys. They don’t scream SEX STORE at you. This is cool if you don’t live alone, such as I. The dress was packaged simply, in what reminded me of an old school panythose package. A piece of cardboard covered in plastic, with the descriptive tag attached, of course.

This dress comes in either red or black. While the black is cute it just didn’t strike me as fabulous in the same way that the red did. The beaded strap, batwing sleeve and ruching on the sides also really did it for me. I have a booty and I like to show it.


After I requested the assignment I realized something. The red only comes in a size small. I had a momentary freak out. I am not a size small. Without going into my exact measurements (which I would gladly do if I weren’t battling my disordered eating again) I’m about a size 10-12. Then I remembered that a tall reviewer had mentioned wearing something too short for her as a top instead of a dress. So I decided to stick with the red and do that if I had to. FYI-The black comes in either small or a medium/large so don’t worry if you prefer that color.

According to the Leg Avenue sizing chart this dress would measure as follows, Small-size 5-7, A-B cup, 32-34″ bust, 23-25″ waist and 34-36″ hips. I measured the dress prior to trying it on so I could be as accurate as possible. Completely unstretched the measurements were 26″ bust, 24″ waist, 26″ hip and 23″ length.

The crazy thing? It fit! It’s super stretchy and because of the shine not completely see through. I love it! It’s fun and sparkly and perfect.

You may notice in these photos that I’m not wearing the correct undergarments since I wanted to get some initial photos out of the way prior to my trip. However in AC I paired it with breast petals and a pair of satiny red boyshorts. There is also a tag on one side of the inner lining that I cut out so it wouldn’t irritate me or show.

This dress is made of polyester and spandex. It seems to have been made to be hand washed in cool water and left to air dry.

Yes, I did get some “Is she a hooker looks?” on my way through our casino to the club but at the club it was perfect.

I highly recommend this dress!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Buy It!

product picture
Mini dress by Leg Avenue
Material: Polyester / Spandex
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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“…without football I don’t know what I love…”

3.5 out of 5

***This review is not a spoiler free zone***

As you may know I have a penchant for the films of 50 Cent. Usually they are exploitation style crime dramas with lots of guns and an awesome sex scene. However with All Things Fall Apart Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson went for something wildy different. For that I commend him.

If you keep up with the celeb gossip then you’ve probably seen photos from this flick which had been dubbed, “the football cancer movie” more than once. During the filming a ton of photos were released showing how 50 had committed to the role by losing a ton of weight. They were quite shocking.

Normally I wouldn’t be up for a sports related movie but I really wanted to see this drama. The movie was co-written by 50 and directed by Mario Van Peebles (who also costars as 50’s dad). The most glaring thing about the movie is, obviously, that 50 Cent is now in his late 30s playing a college football star. But hell I totally understand his motivation. I would want to play the starring role in a movie like this if I were making it.

a collage of his headwear, for your pleasure

Being a drama there isn’t a bunch of out and out fun like other flicks in his repertoire. There is one thing that I want to share because I did chuckle. This movie hits you over the head with foreshadowing. The most prevalent use of it is when we see 50 in a variety of hats covering his dreads. Knowing what the plot is when going in you can tell this is to starkly contrast with him later losing his hair from chemo. However it’s still sort of funny that they used so many and at times I wondered if they were in fact attached to his wig and the whole thing was jimmy rigged to stay in place.

post coitus, we don't get a hot sex scene in this cuz it's a serious film

In All Things Fall Apart 50 is the Big Man On Campus. He’s a football star. Pussy comes easy, grades come easy (in fact he has a scholarship but doesn’t really attend class much) and he’s a local celebrity.

a happy moment

His parents are not well off. His mother runs a bar and is a caterer while his father runs an auto shop. However they are counting on him to get picked up by a pro team. Then they will be set. So all of that is riding on his shoulders.

admiring a classmate

His bro is the shy, nerdy type who actually gets called Urkel on occasion. Things come so easy for 50 that he seemingly accidentally, well at first, picks up his bro’s crush for himself. I won’t really be discussing her cuz yeah, not a fan of that character. No, these brothers do not get along.

more foreshadowing, when 50 falls while breaking up this altercation his parent's worry about an injury sidelining his career

50 Cent's BFF is such a stereotypical stoner parody that he sometimes takes you out of the film

when things start to fall apart

even the lighting reflects his ennui

When 50 is diagnosed with cancer their oncologist (Ray Liotta) tries to be optimistic with them but his parents want to be overly so. All of the sudden he’s super ill and having an identity crisis. He’s no longer a star, people don’t even recognize him. He’s lost his scholarship and hasn’t earned any credits due to his previous goofing off. It’s almost like he’s a ghost of his former self. Even at the family dinner table he feels an outcast since he can’t really eat because of the treatments.

a good time for his bro to kick him when he's down

His brother has to give him a reality check on how the whole family has actually been living. Now they are really scraping to make ends meet. 50’s medical bills are really taking a toll on the whole family financially and emotionally. In fact the dad moves out because he’s a dick can’t take it. His bro basically tries to tell 50 to get his act together.

not getting your act together

So 50 sleeps in a cardboard box outside of his father’s auto shop. His dad tries to hire him to help out. 50’s just not good at it though. He feels downtrodden. But he also gives him some advice, “you can sell shit Deon, that’s a legit skill”. You see in another earlier bit of foreshadowing 50 got the price jacked up on a car his dad was trying to unload. This comes in handy since another job offer that he’d had was just lip service.

selling cars is just that easy

50 decides to go groveling to his bro who is now working at a car lot. He literally gets down on his knees and begs. But his bro still isn’t over that whole living in his shadow thing and says he couldn’t even if he wanted to. So instead of giving up 50 takes a chance and sells a car right outside, without being hired, on the spot. The cowboy doesn’t even need a test drive. That’s how swell a salesman he is.

Things are falling back together. 50’s rolling in the dough. He even manages to donate to his own charity jar at his mom’s bar (aw, so sweet). Plus he doubles the companies sales in the process earning his bro a promotion. Now they can finally be pals.

But it can’t all stay rosy. He does, after all, have cancer. So when 50 starts feeling ill he goes in for some honest advice from his doc, my man Ray Liotta. Liotta takes him outside of the hospital for a completely honest heart to heart that this hospital can never know went down. You see 50 has 9K saved up right now. Liotta gives it to him straight. 50 doesn’t have long. If he goes back in for treatments it will put his family back in the hole for at least 100K, plus he will live out his last days hooked up to medical BS. Liotta illustrates this with a story of an early patient of his.

look how easily he goes from Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle‎

At this point there really is only one option, partay! Seriously though 50 decides, to as his weed addled friend (who also planned the party, “I’ve always been the entrepreneurial type, how else was I gonna pay for my weed?”) tells a singer, “I think he just wants to go out on top”, with a fun white party ala something you’d see from Puff Daddy. Shut up, you know you’ve always want to go to one of those too. He tricks his mom by making her think she’s just catering. Sike! You and dad are so getting back together! It is pretty great. He ends up making amends with his whole family.

All in all I do recommend All Things Fall Apart. It doesn’t totally hit the mark authenticity wise. It’s a bit over dramatic. But I think that they did a very good job all in all. I think that a lot of heart and hard work went into this movie. 50 and many of the other actors give very heartfelt, impassioned performances. His character even has a pretty good arc. I mean he goes from just having it easy and being oblivious, to down and out and then to a full man. I find it sad that it only had a limited theatrical run.

Disclosure: This film was provided to me courtesy of Image Entertainment but that doesn’t effect my views on it.

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listen to You’re My Love

Mark Lentz is a singer-songwriter from Marietta, Pennsylvania. His early influences include Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Mark’s music has been classified as a sort of easy listening pop or rock. It definitely has a very free flowing 60s vibe to it.

Listen to Missing Pieces

While Mark’s songs make distinctive points they do provide a sort of unified melancholy yet searching experience. You’re My Love has a spacey, eerie feel that sets it apart from other love songs. Missing Pieces may be my favorite song by Mr. Lentz. It’s a really neat tune. Imagine if the Doors had done something akin to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. Visions From A Wall is a pop song that begs to be put into a mix including The Beach Boys on a summer day. Gods And Monsters is about being different. It’s definitely the most Pink Floyd-y of the bunch. It may make you want to cry for some instinctive reason so be forewarned.

listen to Visions From A Wall

You should also check out the following songs on Ubetoo. Old Man is a somber tune that seems to be about the anonymity of aging. A Long Time Ago is a pensive take on a former love. If you’re more in the mood for an upbeat poppy song about being in love give Waiting For Your Smile a spin.

listen to Gods And Monsters

You can check out Mark’s profile on Ubetoo here to listen to a variety of songs.

Mark’s songs can also be purchased from Amazon or iTunes. You should listen to him today if you are looking for something off the beaten path.

This post has been brought to you by Danny Martin but that doesn’t affect my opinions or recommendations.

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