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I’ve been a fan of Sofia Vergara for a few years. I used to watch her show The Knights of Prosperity. Plus I read men’s magazines. Her current show, Modern Family, is a huge hit. She’s been wisely using its success to promote many brands including Diet Pepsi. When I first heard about her Kmart collection I was excited to see what she would come up with.

Our local Kmart got the collection this week. They don’t have all of the pieces but I picked out a few that interested me and thought that I’d do a little review. When I first saw the clothes I thought of Dots. They are mainly made of polyester and are similar to the clubbing clothes that all of us buy at Dots. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s just that there isn’t structure involved. It’s like that old saying, “she’s so hot she’d look good in a garbage bag”. So yeah, of course Sofia Vergara looks rockin in her line, she has a great hourglass figure. If you don’t but want to look like you do my suggestion would be adding some shapewear and/or belts to the pieces.

To give you an idea of fit, I am a size 10 with a C cup. I have booty and thighs but I don’t have a noticeable waist. I just quickly grabbed everything in a large.

I’ve overexposed the photos so you can see detail. You can see the actual color of the items at the end of the post. Please excuse my bitch face as I think I’m getting a cold and our Kmart is overheated.

Ruched Ruffle Dress

I love dresses so I had to try a couple of those on first. This one isn’t really my style but it’s in much of the advertising, so why not? The fit was fine and the ruching does create some shape. If I were to wear this I’d wear a wide belt around my waist with it. (Yeah, I have VPL, deal with it. I never understood why that was a big deal anyway. She wears panties, how scandalous!)

Ruched Mini-Dress
I sort of like this one now more than when I tried it on. I like the leopard design at the top. While I was taking pictures I felt like the arm holes were a little tight but I was holding my arms at that odd angle. It would probably be fine unless you were doing the chicken dance or something.

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
This seemed like it could be a versatile piece. Someone could wear it under a sweater or blazer at work and then without at night. I would definitely go down to a medium if I were going to get it for me though. I was swimming in it.

Asymmetrical Shirred Tunic
Ah, the only one I didn’t have to overexpose the picture on. You can still see the design. This was also too big on me. I’d definitely go down to a medium on it as well. This one seemed more relaxed like you could pair it with jeans.

Shawl Collar Wrap Sweater
Okay, this was my favorite piece! It’s super soft, pretty and flattering. I would refer to it a a Marilyn sweater. I accidentally got this in a medium (it was on the wrong size hanger) and it fit perfectly. If you buy it online they have it in a myriad of colors.

I just swung by the shoes and bags quickly. Our store only had 2 styles of shoes but both were cute. The bags aren’t really my style but looked pretty nice. (The photos are so close because that’s how our Kmart is set up. I was a few inches away.)

So I would say that any woman could probably find a couple of pieces to suit them. Most of the pieces that I tried on were $29.99 and they had them in sizes small through extra large. I would recommend trying them on in person for a good fit.

You can shop online by going here.
(Unfortunately my store didn’t have any of the skirts or that bustier dress.)

Sofia Vergara for Target


Check It Out
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Late night on Sunday, April 18th I was browsing the net for something and an article with Eugenia Kim and Target in it caught my eye. I clicked it and was thrilled to learn that Eugenia Kim had made a line of hats for Target. I found out about Kim in 2004. While watching Charmed I saw a really kick ass hat on Phoebe and of course had to add it to my Charmed Fashion Boutique site. Her hats were so expensive (around $300) though that I never really thought about her again until now.

I read in a couple of press releases that they had been released that day. I checked out and many were already sold out (Don’t worry most are back in stock now). The next day I hit our only Target and they hadn’t even finished putting them out yet. The ones that were out weren’t my style and the team member just gave me a look like she didn’t know when they’d be put out.

So I came back the next day and all of the glorious hats were on display. I chose the Tan Fedora with Flower Applique and the Teal Straw Fedora with Black and White Trim. I also liked the Plaid Straw Fedora with Blue Trim (the parrot one). It was gonna be my substitute if they didn’t have either of my first choices. I liked the straw sunhat but it’s very beachy and I don’t have a beach nearby. The Engineer Hats are cute but not my style. I could definitely see my sister wearing them. They had a bunch of other hats on sale too. I scored an Exhilaration Leopard Fedora for $3.24.

The hats are so much fun and I haven’t had any problems with them. Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Check out a short interview with Eugenia Kim here.

Eugenia Kim for Target hats retail from $14.99-$19.99 (a steal!).




Eugenia Kim For Target
Eugenia Kim For Target by MissEmmaMM featuring Eugenia Kim hats
Items in this set:
Eugenia Kim for Target® 20’s Style Straw Cap with Green Trim – Natural…, $50
Eugenia Kim for Target® Plaid Straw Fedora with Blue Trim – Natural :…, $17
Eugenia Kim for Target® Fedora with Flower Appliqué – Tan : Target, $17
Eugenia Kim for Target® Straw Fedora with Black/White Trim – Green :…, $17
Eugenia Kim for Target® Straw Fedora with Sequin Trim – Black : Target, $17

No She Didn’t Blue Lipstick by
Lime Crime


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4 out of 5 stars
starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

FYI: Be aware of the fact that I don’t write and only skim in depth movie reviews. Spoilers aren’t my thing. To me reviews are about whether or not I (or you) should see it.

When It’s Complicated was released I was super excited to see it. It looked like it was right up my alley. Plus it stars Alec Baldwin who I watch (& salivate over) regularly on 30 Rock. Then I started seeing movie reviewers putting the movie down and basically say “gross, old people in love”. That’s when I thought about my reaction. I’m not into watching senior romances anymore than any other 20 something woman. However this film stars two actors that I love. I was a big fan of Streep growing up because of the movie Death Becomes Her. My sister and I used to watch it all of the time. I rewatched it on Christmas Eve and it still rocked. Alec was trickier to figure out. While growing up my favorite Baldwin , as a child of the 90s, was Stephen not Alec. I remember liking the Juror but I didn’t really care much about Alec until he started to do an amazing job of guest hosting Saturday Night Live. Incidentally, Martin and Baldwin appeared together in a sketch on SNL not long ago.

I unsuccessfully tried to see the film quite a few times before I actually was able to but the wait was worth it. The film is about a woman who starts seeing her ex husband again after they’ve been divorced for years. The complicated decision is whether or not she actually wants to pursue this. Add a dash of a love triangle with Martin and some overly affectionate offspring and you get the general plot. The fun comes in getting to see Streep, Baldwin and Martin act silly and happy and rediscovering love.

Another great thing about this movie is it’s rated R. So many romantic comedies come out that are PG or PG-13 and sex is hinted at or giggled about like the characters are 11 or something. This movie is more realistic. These are normal adults who get laid, drink, etc. Plus Baldwin is a little self deprecating which is nice to see for a change. Martin also surprised me as a more meek, forlorn character than he usually plays. There are quite a few talented actors in the supporting cast. This includes John Krasinksi who I’m glad to see acting again after I tried to watch that movie he directed, ugh. I think one of the reasons I really dig this movie is because I can sympathize with all three of the main characters (from different times of course). BTW-If you’re looking for a laugh this is more sweet funny than knee slapping funny.

Verdict: If you like romantic comedies Rent/Buy this.

Buy It’s Complicated on Blu-ray or DVD.

Rent It’s Complicated on Netflix.

Buy Death Becomes Her and Saturday Night Live-The Best of Alec Baldwin on DVD.

Check out Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live sketches on Hulu

If you want to read about the house the film was shot in go here.


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Credit: Lindsey8417 Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Lindsey8417
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

First of all, yes I am biased. I have been a Dane Cook fan since I caught his Comedy Central Presents episode in 2000. I signed up for his mailing list on his website and he was the sole reason I joined Myspace. The thing I’ve now realized is that is still one of my favorite things he has ever done. That and the sweater sketch from the 1st time he hosted Saturday Night Live.

Of course I follow him on twitter and happened to see a tweet by him about two weeks prior to tonight’s show advertising it. I’ve never had a chance to attend one of his shows live and $5 is definitely a bargain. If you don’t know what Ustream is, anyone can broadcast live on their webcam. Sometimes you can catch really great shows on there like the evening before last Thanksgiving when KISS put on a full show. This is the first Pay Per View event that has been hosted on UStream.

At about 6:30PM ET a comedian named Al Benson took a camera crew backstage so we could see people hanging around backstage at Dane’s live show. After not too long Cook joins him and 2 other people who later turn out to be the other two opening comedians for the show.

Then Benson sits down with Dane & everyone sends questions in, Benson reads, & Dane answers. Granted the Ustream chat was going pretty fast but I didn’t see any of the handles that this guy was reading off questions from. It was cool but nothing titilating was revealed. We did find out that Dane’s favorite movie is Goodfellas.

Then Cook had to go get ready so Benson started interviewing a lot of douchey people on the red carpet. This included bimbos who worked at a tanning salon, who were definitely getting their money’s worth and four 13 and 14 year old boys and girls who said they smoked marijuana.

Interspersed throughout were old clips of Dane performing at other shows which were pretty funny. The audio & video went out a few times but not too often.

The first comic up was Al Benson. I didn’t find much of his act funny and throughout his set and prior to he was somewhat racist to African Americans and Puerto Ricans.

Next up was the cute Nick Thune. He started off singing jokes which bored me, so I started reading a book. He did have one funny joke about sending people Starbucks gift cards without any money on them.

The last opener was Whitney Cummings. She was very funny but all of her humor was centered around dating. I feel that women comedians who focus solely on dating make men respect all female comedians less though. She looked really bad but I looked her up & she normally looks great. I think not looking your best in front of millions of people who are discovering you is a misstep.

I’m not going to give away Dane’s whole show as it’s a performance of his Isolated Incident tour which you can buy or rent the dvd of. First of all he looked great and had on one of those awesome angel wing back tee shirts. These were just a few high and lowlights to me. I did not enjoy a fairly long joke about urine and tons of stuff about masturbation. He interspersed bits of old beloved jokes such as “I Did My Best” and “The Pickles”. They weren’t the whole thing, more like a taste. I really enjoyed the “Twat Swatter”, “Black Baby” and “What Would Hilary Duff Do?” jokes.

The show was funny but Dane seems to be getting angrier and more vicious. The show dropped out and I had to log back into it 5 times so I missed some of the jokes. I have a great connection, so this wasn’t on my end. Ustream chat confirmed that a lot of people were going through this. Audio was all over the place during the show. I constantly had to readjust the volume as it would get really low or really loud for no reason.

After the show they aired some clips that appeared to be from this tour. Then Benson started interviewing people who are waiting to meet Dane. This was really boring and I had to login back in twice. Then they showed Dane meet people and take pictures with them while Benson interviewed people who were waiting. A quick search shows that 2 front row tickets and backstage passes were auctioned off for charity for this show for $2500.

Despite the technical problems this was a fun show. Ustream will probably work those bugs out for future events.

Note: This post originally appeared on Yahoo on February 6, 2010.

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