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aka Holy Threesome Batman

4.5 out of 5

Dale DaBon and James Deen in Batman A XXX Parody

I totally have a thing for both porn parodies and James Deen. Add the 60s kitschy Batman plot and I was all over this. The main cast also includes Dale DaBone as Batman (awesome retro look-BTW), Lexi Belle as Batgirl, Tori Black as Catwoman, Evan Stone as The Riddler, Randy Spears as The Joker, Alexis Texas as Molly and Kimberly Kane as Lisa Carson. The flick was written and directed by Axel Braun.

This simple tale involves Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend being kidnapped by the Riddler. That’s when Batman, Robin and Batgirl take action. As in the actual 1966 Batman movie Catwoman and The Joker are also in on the fun.

The sets, costumes and music are incredibly 60s, which is awesome. Braun certainly put the $100,000 budget to good use. Some pornos don’t put much thought into the sets or costumes but they really help get you into the world of a parody like this one.

batman x 2

It’s so cheesily funny! If you love hearing Robin use his catchphrase “Holy” in a sexual manner you will definitely get a kick out of lines like “Holy popshot” and “Holy Viagra” being uttered by Deen. Cast members “walking” up the sides of buildings and the Batusi are some other very fun moments.

batgirl xxx

The variety of sex scenes include Bruce Wayne’s gf and The Riddler, Batman and an ally of The Joker, The Joker and his female cronies, Robin and Batgirl and Batman and Robin and Catwoman. My favorite scene by far is, not surprisingly, Robin and Batgirl. James Deen (Robin) is my top celeb crush and Batgirl is hot and adorable. I also dig Batman’s sex scenes. The detractors for me are The Riddler’s and The Joker’s sex scenes. I find The Riddler’s costume too creepy to want to watch that scene more than once. The Joker’s isn’t as bad but he’s definitely not sexy.

I highly recommend checking out my favorite and most viewed porn parody today!

Note: I originally reviewed this on another site that I’m not interested in promoting anymore. Thus this review has been re-purposed for my blog.


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Note: Clicking the Amazon link at the end of this review and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.

4 out of 5


Fearless by Tawny Weber
published by Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
release date: September 17, 2013
provided by NetGalley

Fearless is what appears to be the first title in a new series, The Girlz Guide to Gettin’ It. I hope so because I love romance novels in which the protagonist has a group of female friends who help her plot her escapades. It’s at one of these gal pal get togethers that our heroine Gia gets a bit tipsy and shares a few details on her ultimate sexual fantasy. You see Gia is a bit inhibited. She’s never had the opportunity to let loose and get totally dirty like her besties.

The plot hinges on her friends helping her to arrange her fantasy. Not only does she want red hot sex, she wants it with Luke, a total stud from her office. He’s more on the PR end of things while she deals with tech stuff. He hasn’t noticed her up until now and she doesn’t feel as if it’s likely to happen anytime soon (and he maybe be moving to a different company, snap, get on that!).

With the help of her friends Gia is able to find out the best place to snag Luke. He has a business meeting coming up in Vegas. What could be a better location for a weekend of sin than Sin City itself? In the ultimate act of sassiness and self preservation Gia gets a red hot makeover. It not only acts as bait for Luke but also a disguise. This was super relateable to me since I’m also a bit unsure of myself.

The Vegas fantasy goes off with only a couple of hitches, Luke isn’t quite as easy and uncomplicated as he seems and Gina cuts the weekend short when she starts catching feelings. The sex scenes are hot, although there is a bit of straight up “oh yeah, I came just from penetration” stuff that always irks me but I suppose that’s a preference.

The rest of the book involves how both Gia and Luke handle the fallout from their weekend of hot times once they are back in the corporate world.

I recommend Fearless if you are looking for a light, sexy read with a makeover! (Yes, I’m a huge fan of makeovers, I can’t help it).

excerpt from the author’s official site

They’d kicked off the evening with Caryn telling them all about her latest sexy hookup, in very graphic detail.

Gia couldn’t remember the last time she’d had graphic details worth sharing. Not like Caryn’s, which included a Thai restaurant after hours, coconut martinis and silk scarves. But that was Caryn. She saw something she wanted and she made it happen. Sometimes it happened with curry.

Or there were the impossible-to-compete with details of Jessa’s Caribbean cruise last year. On the first day, she’d met her dream guy, spent the next five days being romanced and five nights being sexually worshiped. Then, to top it off, she’d brought the guy home and married him.

And Sara, well, Sara had almost too many details. Dramatic details, sure. But they were still details. This month she couldn’t decide if she was in love with a guy she’d met at a club last month or her ex-girlfriend who kept calling. Sara bounced from sexual adventure to heartache to despair and right back in lust again.

And then there was Gia. It wasn’t like she was the sad and lonely friend. She’d had boyfriends. She’d enjoyed plenty of good sex and knew her way around an orgasm. But none of her adventures included scarves, cruises or kink.

Not like her friends.

Jessa was the princess. Pretty, pampered and sweet, she’d always inspired guys to fall at her feet.

Caryn, on the other hand, was a ball breaker. She had a plan and worked it. She had guys at her feet, too, but usually on a leash.

Sara flew through life, and sex, like it was an all-night buffet and she was starving. She never stayed still long enough for guys to even find her feet.

And then there was Gia. Good ole average Gia. Dependable, nice, cute.

Not phenomenal. Not horrible.

Just average.

Average sucked.

“Gia? What’re you craving?” Jessa asked from where she lounged on the couch, her head back on the pillow to better enjoy the moisturizing benefits of her facial mask.

Slicking another coat of midnight crimson polish over her nails, Gia absently finished her thought aloud, “A wild sexual adventure that includes chocolate, feathers and three dozen orgasms?”

The room went silent. Even the iPod, playing Rihanna in the background, seemed to quiet.

Oh shit. Had she said that aloud?

Gia looked up to find three sets of eyes locked on her in varying states of shock and amusement. She winced, then carefully pushed her martini glass away.

For more Fearless fun check out this page on the author’s site which features info on a blog tour, Facebook and twitter launch party for the novel.

You can order Fearless here on Amazon.

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Note: Clicking the Amazon link at the end of this review and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.

4 out of 5

My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron
Harlequin HQN
release date: August 27, 2013
provided by NetGalley

My Favorite Mistake was definitely a bit different from your standard romance novel. The beginning was slightly confusing as it seemed to be a flashback but then the book actually took place in a normal, straightforward narrative. Aside from that I was pleased with this book.

The story centers on two college students. The lithe, fiery Taylor is carrying around a bundle of anger. She expresses it quite radically when she decks her new roommate. But who can really blame her? It’s a guy. She’s a female freshman. That could be a bit difficult for anyone. However she also has a “dark secret” from her past and another, smaller present secret that both push her forward in life and hold her back.

Her new roommate seems to be a classic bad boy with tattoos and a guitar. However Hunter is actually deeper than that. Well he at least has his own family secrets. He’s not actually that deep. That’s okay though. He’s the fun opposite to her angry feminist. He both gets her into clubs and gets her to open up. It’s actually kind of interesting to read a character like this who admits to being cockily self assured sex wise while being a novice about love.

Both leads have friends with their own quirky personalities and love lives. They do help with a few plot points and with the push and pull needed to give friction to Taylor and Hunter’s relationship. I’m just not all that big on side kick characters in general, though I know they are a prerequisite for Harlequin. Now Taylor’s sister seems interesting enough to get her own spin off book.

My Favorite Mistake is a darker romance novel, despite being set in the fun world of dorm life, so while I definitely recommend it I can’t envision someone rereading it. That may just be me though. You may enjoy reading something meaty like this more than once.

Oh and I’m sure that you are wondering about the sex? Yes, it’s steamy.

You can follow the author, Chelsea M. Cameron, here on twitter.

You can order My Favorite Mistake here on Amazon.

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Note: Clicking the Amazon link at the end of this review and making a purchase will yield a small commission for this site.

5 out of 5

tear you apart
Tear You Apart
by Megan Hart
published by Harlequin MIRA
release date: August 27, 2013
provided by NetGalley

Tear You Apart excerpt

I was recently able to read a digital copy of this new book by Megan Hart and I was truly blown away. I went into it without knowing much of anything about the story. The author states that this is not a love story. I had no idea. I was prepared for just another romance novel. (which don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy). However this book is something else entirely.

The story is about a middle aged woman in a lackluster marriage. She meets an incredibly sexy photographer by happenstance. What proceeds is an affair that screams realistic. Everything isn’t always wonderful. There’s steamy sex, of course. However there is also doubt, guilt and loneliness. The main character is imperfect. Plus she’s incredibly relate-able, even for someone like me (not at all a suburbia mom).

The vastness between the main characters’ joy with one another compared to their frequent unhappiness and uneasiness is simply amazing.

I highly recommend this novel. No, it’s not just another romance. It’s not conventional and it’s incredibly well written.

Megan Hart
via the author’s personal Facebook

For more on Megan Hart check out her official site and twitter.

You can order Tear You Apart here on Amazon.

Check out this engaging excerpt from the book, available on the author’s site:

He’s standing outside the restaurant smoking, not looking my way, and I do imagine myself walking away without speaking to him, leaving him standing there for an hour, or for forever, waiting? Hell, yeah. Do I imagine myself running across the street and leaping into his arms to babymonkey cling to him like a fucking barnacle?

Oh. Yes…

He opens the door for me, and the solicitous hand at the small of my back as he lets me go in front of him should not make my knees weak. We take a booth near the back, in the shadows. It’s curved, which means I slide in first, but I put my purse on the seat between us so he can’t sit too close.

We order drinks. We order food. We make small talk that sounds like pebbles rattling in a pie-pan. At first, Will is animated and effusive, but as he watches me pick at my salad and give him brief answers without smiles, he sits back in the booth.

“If you don’t want to be here,” he says, “maybe you should just fucking go.”

My fork shakes a little against the edge of the plate before I set it down very, very carefully. I wipe my fingers on my napkin. Then my mouth. I put my hands on the edge of the table, fingertips just barely touching the smooth, polished wood. And I say…nothing.

He shifts in his seat with a frown. “That’s it? I get the silent treatment?”

“I’m being careful with what I say, that’s all. I want to make sure nothing comes out that I can’t take back.”

“Maybe you should just say whatever you think,” Will says with a sneer. “You think I can’t handle it?”

My fingers slip on the smooth wood. “I don’t want you to handle it. I don’t want to say anything I’ll regret, that’s all.”

“If you’re pissed at me, you should just say so.”

“Should I be?” I press my lips together and rub my tongue slowly on the inside of my teeth to keep my voice low.

“Are you?”…

“I would never just stop talking to you,” I tell him, whispering only so I don’t scream. “I would never just disappear like that. That was a shitty thing to do to me, Will.”

“I was busy,” he begins, and I’ve had enough.

I need to get out of this booth, and now. But the other side is blocked by a tray of food waiting to be served and the only way out is past him. “Move.”

He doesn’t, even as I’m grabbing up my purse and sliding along the smooth vinyl toward him. I bump against him. “Move!”

He won’t. I don’t want to cause a scene. And sitting this close, I can feel his thigh on mine. I can feel the heat coming off him. When he slides a hand between my legs beneath the cover of the table, all I can do is let him.

“Everyone’s busy,” I tell him.

His fingers press, press, press. “My ex went out of town. I had my kid. I was busy, Elisabeth.”

To anyone looking at us, we simply appear to be deep in conversation. There’s enough distance between us, the angle is just right to hide the fact he’s inching up my skirt to get inside my panties. At the last minute, I clamp my thighs shut, trapping his hand before he can.

“Then you should’ve told me.”

There’s more to it than that. I can see it in his face. He twists his wrist a little, but I don’t give him even a quarter of an inch.

“I told you —”

“Bullshit.” I lean a little closer when the waiter passes by, lowering my voice to keep it from attracting attention. The heat of his hand against my bare skin is beginning to burn. “It’s an excuse, and a shitty one. You think I wouldn’t understand if you told me you had to take care of your kid? You think I’d be some kind of bitch about it?”

Steadily, he works his hand a little higher. His knuckles brush my panties before he twists again to press my clit. I do not move except for the rise and fall of my shoulders when I take a breath. My muscles ache from the effort of keeping him away. When I relax the tiniest bit, he takes advantage, pressing harder. Twisting so infinitesimally that nobody would be able to tell.

He can’t see the golden stars beginning to creep into the edges of my vision, but I’m sure he must see something in my eyes, because his hand moves just a little faster. His pupils are so wide open his eyes have gone dark. His tongue slips out to touch the center of his bottom lip.

“I don’t owe you anything,” Will says, but low and under his breath.

I do not want to let him see how good he’s making me feel, because I don’t want to be feeling it. But when I put my hand over his, it’s not to push it away. I grip his wrist tight, holding him closer.

“Yes,” I tell him. “You do.”

I am close, so close, but not going over. The waiter shows up then with a dessert tray, and I pull away. I shake my head at the pies and cakes and decline a box for my leftovers as I slide toward the other end of the booth, now cleared by the busboy who took away the tray of dirty dishes. I assure the waiter everything was fine, though I can see by the way he eyes my plate that he takes my uneaten food as a personal affront. I get out of the booth and push past him and out of the restaurant to the New York City street outside, and I breathe in exhaust and heat and the scent of puke and piss, and I blink away the last flutters of gold Will’s touch gave me.

I’m halfway back to the gallery when he catches up to me. He falls into step beside me without saying anything. He follows me through the door I don’t bother to hold open for him, and down the hall past Naveen’s blessedly empty office and into my own. Then, when I whirl on him to tell him to get the fuck out, he shuts my door. The lock clicks.

We sweep my desk clean. Paperclips scatter. Then he’s inside me, and nothing else matters but this.

After, his forehead pressed to mine and the taste of his sweat on my lips, Will says, “I was ignoring you on purpose.”

I cup his face in my hands and kiss him. “I know you were.”…

“You’re my kryptonite. I don’t know why.” My words are muffled against his neck. I can’t stop myself from nibbling, just a little, and I can’t stop myself from telling him the truth. “But if you don’t want to talk to me anymore…if you don’t want to see me…”…

Then I kiss him, kiss him, kiss him until neither of us can breathe.

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4 out of 5 stars


(Note that clicking through and making a purchase via the links in this review or the widgets at the end of the review will yield a commission for

This Raspberry Fields gartered bustier was provided to me free of charge from EdenFantasys in exchange for an honest review.


This bustier comes in a simple plastic packaging. Two tags are attached. The first is a standard tag showing a model wearing it. The other mentions that a proceed of Coquette’s Spring/Summer collection will be going towards The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation to fund breast cancer research.


This bustier comes in sizes small, medium, large, xl and 1X/2X. I usually wear a size large in Coquette clothing so I chose a large in this. According to the Coquette size chart a large should fit someone who wears a size 12-14 with a C bust that is 38-40″, a 28-32″ waist and 38-42″ hips.

This bustier closes up the back with 17 eye hooks. It also offers four different closures width wise, like a bra may. The actual unstretched measurements of this bustier closed on the tights hooks is 28″ bust, 26″ underbust, 26″ waist and 29″ hips. On the widest hooks the unstretched measurements are 29″ bust, 28″ underbust, 28″ waist and 32″ hips. There are also non-detachable garters on the front of the bustier which are about 9″ long.

I wear a size large or 10-12 in women’s clothing with a size 36C bust. I had to wear it on the widest closure for it to fit comfortably. I’m not used to doing hooks up the back of a bustier. I’ve only had pull on, lace up or zip up ones in the past. To put it on I had to hook it all of the way up and pull it over my head. As with the Wetlook halter top dress, I found the cups of this bustier to be a bit large. However I would not size down on it because it definitely would not fit me in the waist if I did so.

Material Care & Information
This chemise is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. It is supposed to be hand washed and hung to dry.

rasp bustier fr
rasp bustier sd
rasp bustier big

Upon receiving this bustier I was surprised at how well made it appears to be. This bustier features padded cups, plastic boning, detailed stitching and beautiful lace. It’s not exactly perfect for my body though. It is designed to pull you in at the waist, which is nice. However I don’t have much of a waist so after wearing it for a while it caused my hips to jut out a bit unappealingly.

I wore it out while running errands with the matching panties. You can see how it looks above with just the panties, a pair of jeans over it or with jeans and a shrug sweater.

I also wear a C cup and would say that the cups on this would work better for a D. I didn’t feel like I was completely filling them out, even when after adjusting the tie at the neck. That’s another issue. I wish that this closed with something a bit sturdier. The string that you tie at your neck to keep this up seems to be a bit flimsy in comparison to the rest of the piece.

All in all I find this bustier to be beautiful but not perfect for my body type. I think that it would look great on someone who is a cup size larger than me with a smaller waist.

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P.S. Don’t forget that when shopping from EdenFantasys you can always use my code EX4 for 15% off of regularly priced items.

product picture
Bustier by Coquette
Material: Lycra / Microfiber / Lace
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.
product picture
Sexy panty by Coquette
Material: Microfiber / Lace
product picture
Chemise by Coquette
Material: Microfiber / Lace / Stretch

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