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The romantic drama movie trailer styled commercial is really growing on me.

Okay I was not at all familiar with Prabal Gurung until I started hearing about his Target collection. It’s just so fun and sweet though that I had to check it out. The theme of the collection is “Love”. So it made sense for them to release it yesterday since Valentine’s Day is coming up this week. The lovely use of florals in the collection scream Spring to me. However I don’t have any season specific print rules or anything. Okay, you are probably aware that I actually don’t adhere to any fashion rules.

After surveying the entire collection on I had to head to my local Target today even though according to the site’s online availability our store wouldn’t have much for sale. One tank top that I was interested was available so I went mainly for that. I was incredibly jazzed to find a great selection of items when I arrived.

I took my camera to take decent photos but then I had an issue with too much zoom while hastily trying to turn off the sound functions while in the dressing room. So, yay, another post with shaky camera phone photos! Oh well, at least you can see how the clothes hang on someone who isn’t a model.

For reference I am a size 10-12 or a large in most clothing and a C cup bra. Yes I know you can see my houndstooth print bra, I like the print and do not give a damn.

Long Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print
pb fl sw side
Yes, I absolutely love this Long Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print. It was the only item that I was able to purchase today. I simply had to have it. Not only is the print darling but it’s super comfy. It’s made of 60% cotton and 40% modal. I know that I will wear it often. Something this cute for $19.99 with a huge re-wear factor was a must.

pb tank fr
pb tank side
This Pebble Racerback Tank Top ($19.99) spoke to me when I saw it online due to the color (Calypso Coral). I was not digging it on me once it was on. It is 100% rayon and 100% hot even while wearing it for a minute or two.

Both of the above tops fit larger than average. I tried them on in a large but they fit more like an XL. Judging by these and another top that I saw from the collection I would say that you could size down in most of these tops if you want a closer fit. My guess was that they are supposed to fit loose, that that’s how they are supposed to hang. However judging by the model photos maybe I’m wrong. However I did buy the floral top in a large because I am getting old (okay, not really, but sort of) and I’m leaning towards comfort lately. If the tank were made of another fabric and I found it flattering to my boobs then I would have sized down on that.

blk dr fr
blk fl side
The black floral dress in Meet the Parents Print ($44.99) is amazing. I didn’t get it today because I’m not Miss Moneybags so I have to watch how I spend money when I do have it. In this case I most likely wouldn’t wear this that often. It’s so flattering though. It also seemed very well made. The zipper that ran up the back was impressive and the material really highlights my shape. It is made up of 98% cotton. I tried on the size 12. I would say that it’s true to size.

pb fl dr 2
The Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print ($39.99) was not for me. I also tried this on in a 12. It’s 100% polyester and doesn’t seem to have any give. I couldn’t get the back all of the way up. It fit fine otherwise. Sometimes my boobs aren’t fashion friendly.

Prabal Gurung for Target Review
Prabal Gurung for Target Review by missemmamm featuring a print dress

I’m also totally into the below pieces from this collection.

Floral Crush & First Date Picks from Prabal Gurung for Target
Floral Crush & First Date Picks from Prabal Gurung for Target by missemmamm featuring pointy toe shoes

Yes, I’m crazy over the Floral Crush Print. The peplum top is cotton and spandex. My guess from trying on other pieces in the collection is that it’s most likely also flattering and true to size.

The Dress with Full Skirt in Floral Crush Print is cotton and spandex. It seems to be the same cut as the black and white dress above. If so I definitely think that it’s awesome.

The Sweatshirt in First Date Print is a super fun print. It’s cotton and polyester. My guess is that it’s also going to run a bit large.

I saw the Nolita Print pumps in person. They are way more striking right in front of you. Definitely my favorite shoe from the collection, by far.

The Sleeveless Tee in First Date print is cotton and model with a mesh neckline. I don’t really love this cut of top on me personally but I bet this top is soft and more comfortable than it looks.

If you enjoy sweet, feminine designs this collection is probably for you!

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4 out of 5

Marilyn & Me

Marilyn & Me
A Photographer’s Memories
by Lawrence Schiller
published by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday
released on May 29, 2012
borrowed from the local library

Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller is a different type of book about Marilyn Monroe. I have read many books about her. Though this book is by a photographer it’s not one of those big glossy coffee table books full of photos. It’s not a typical biography of the starlet. It’s also not a fictionalized version of her life. Yes, you can find all of those types of books out there. This one is unique because it’s told from the perspective of an up and coming photographer who shot photos of Marilyn in the 60s.

on the set of Something's Got to Give, as seen in the book

on the set of Something’s Got to Give, as seen in the book

Schiller first meets Marilyn on the set of Let’s Make Love and then later during the filming of the halted Something’s Got to Give. Footage from this film has been in shown in many specials about Marilyn due to her deciding to show off her body dripping wet coming out of a pool. This was a huge get and makes up a large portion of the book.

Lawrence Schiller at the Marilyn & Me Opening at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC

Lawrence Schiller at the Marilyn & Me Opening at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC


If you enjoy those magazine articles that strongly showcase both the writer’s voice as well as their subject then you will most likely enjoy the tone of this book. I’m also an amateur photographer and found the information on what it was like for Schiller starting out in that field so long ago. Because he was not only a photographer but also a bit of business man (as noted by Monroe to him in the text) much of the story talks about his interest in the photos being exclusive and how he sold them. I assume that this is why there are only a few photos in this book. Many are probably only able to be used in certain ways that he originally stipulated many years ago.

I don’t really feel that I’ve learned much new info on Marilyn from this book but I am a big fan and already know a ton about her. The snippets of conversation between the author and Marilyn throughout the book are both intimate and paint a vivid picture that makes you feel like you are watching the encounter play out.

Most of the book is about the author’s encounters with Marilyn and the brokering of the photos. However he also mentions his own thoughts on her death at the end. I won’t tell you what they are but I agree with them.

As with most media to do with Marilyn Monroe there are a few blue moments here and there. At one point Marilyn basically accuses the author of also using her body for him to turn a profit (as so many did) in such a sad manner.

This book is slightly over 100 pages. That makes it a short, easy read. I highly recommend it to other Marilyn fanatics.


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Official Sites
shop Schiller’s book and photos of Marilyn
Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller on Nan A. Talese Books


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*spoilers abound*

3 out of 5

“It’s about a man who wrote a book and lost it and the pissant kid who found it”

Now I must address the film The Words. Normally my need to review a movie comes from it being exceptional, either truly awful or completely amazing. The Words is unique as it’s squarely in the middle, as my above rating indicates. So why do I feel the need to write about it? Probably because it focuses on multiple writers, which is what I’ve considered myself since age four.

I’ve been wanting to see this since I saw the trailer during the theatrical release. However not enough to actually pay theater prices. Thanks Redbox! Bradley Cooper again plays a writer. What is with this by the way? I loved Limitless and he was also a journalist on Alias. I just ponder if he wanted to be a writer when he was younger or if it’s a depth thing. Ya know, ooh, I’m playing a writer, he must be deep! Well this is no Limitless (super re-watchable despite plausibility, motivation and attraction between the characters).

As I’d gathered from the trailer (and is stated above during the film) this movie centers on Cooper’s character plagiarizing someone’s else’s story. I know, I KNOW, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I’m sure this is what all of us who write thought but I had to see it. Especially since the trailer features a strong willed Jeremy Irons yelling at him about “stealing my life”.

Unfortunately the film starts out with plenty of steam but peters out and leaves one quite dissatisfied. Cooper desperately wants to be a published author. The problem? He’s not talented or at least not enough. When he’s hitting his father up for money even he has to reiterate this for him. Maybe he’s not without potential but just not easy to sell as Ron Rifkin later indicates. BTW-Why waste Rifkin like this? (a favor because they were both in Alias?, I mean he’s in the movie for like 2 minutes max). Actually it seems like many actors are simply wasted in their roles.

At any rate, after submitting his novel and receiving many letters declining it Cooper eventually has to get a day job. A day job at a publishing house of course just so he knows the right people in case he ever becomes talented. Prior to this he meets and falls for Zoe Saldana’s character. Saldana is also woefully underused in this (as she seems to be in many films, I so can’t wait for her Nina Simone biopic, I bet it shall be epic!). They are (convincingly, well at least that works) in love and lust and even get married. She bypasses him in the career game though, as an outburst by him at a classy dinner indicates. No, I have no idea what her job is. Yes, as other critics have mentioned her character isn’t fleshed out.

During their honeymoon in Paris (which I can only assume she paid for) they stumble upon a nice looking briefcase in an antiques store. She buys it for him as a wedding gift. After he’s given up his dreams he decides to transfer his work papers from his current plastic Staples style binder to it and comes across an old typed story. Why does he have important work papers anyway, isn’t he likes a mailroom clerk? Oye.

He immediately reads the story that we only see incredibly quick clips of but it includes a soldier in the past. Then as the narrator indicates he feels compelled to type it out, as if the words were so great that he had to channel the greatness through his fingertips. I’m sorry, but that is completely stupid. I love to read and I have never typed out more than a few lines from a writer to share their genius with the world. If he didn’t already have sinister intentions then I’ll eat one of my many hats.

Of course Saldana comes across it on his computer and is so moved that she FUCKING CRIES! Really? REALLY?!? That’s a major overreaction but whatever. She swears that she’s never looked through his laptop before but she just happened to today (umm, yeah I totally believe her, right ladies?) and she’s overcome. He must take it to someone at the publishing house that he works at and sell it. He just must. At first he seems like he will spill all but he thinks better of it because she thinks he’s actually hot shit now. So he sells it.

Yes, he sells it. Plus it’s so good that a major dude at the company reads it one night. Ahem, sounds like bullshit. Then it becomes a bestseller, makes them rich and wins awards.

This is when the fantastically talented Jeremy Irons enters the picture (I must admit that I do miss him being all sexay in the ’90s though). Irons informs Cooper that it’s his story that was lost years and years ago. Though the trailer implies that Irons will go ape shit and try to make Cooper’s life hell he actually, mainly, just wants to share the full story with someone. It’s a melodramatic love story.

Before you think this movie is a story within a story, I have news for you! It’s story within a story within a story. Dennis Quaid, again super underused in this, is actually telling the story of Cooper’s character, which is his novel. Quaid plays a completely superficial hot author who just wants tail in this. Seriously, when you have decades on Bradley Cooper and you come off as vapid while he is actually able to show some pathos, well, what were the filmmakers thinking?

Quaid is hit on by an aspiring writer and college student with a crush, as played by Olivia Wilde. Since this is a movie we are supposed to believe that the attractive, though always somewhat alien looking Wilde, is a fresh faced college student though in real life she’s actually 28. None of that matters though because we now have 3 or 4 stories going and none of them are all that interesting.

At first I thought that Quaid had stumbled upon the story of the young author and would at some point out him (as I’d hoped Irons would do, but didn’t). Instead it’s intimated that Quaid may be the Cooper character and that he’s fictionalized himself.

Whew! So what ultimately happens? Well not a whole hell of a lot but I’m not one to give away endings anyway. So should you watch it? If you are a huge fan of Cooper, then yes. If you are a big fan of any of the other actors then maybe you want to steer clear as they aren’t getting their due anyway.

BTW-The Words may or may not be a rip off of a Swedish book and story entitled Lila Lila, which is pretty insane considering the subject matter. Plus the original sounds more compelling.

Photos are from the Official The Words Facebook


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Christina Aguilera’s new album Lotus has now been released. I’m a huge Xtina fan. Plus I absolutely love both the song and the video for her first single from the album, Your Body. So it’s safe to say that I was eagerly awaiting this album.

The Deluxe Version of Lotus includes 17 tracks. They are as follows:

Lotus Intro
Army Of Me
Red Hot Kinda Love
Make The World Move
Your Body
Let There Be Love
Sing For Me
Blank Page
Cease Fire
Around The World
Best Of Me
Just A Fool
Light Up The Sky
Empty Words
Shut Up
Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

All in all I definitely dig the album. However it’s not my favorite Aguilera album. That honor still goes to Bionic. I found Bionic to be fun, fast and catchy. I had it on nonstop the summer before last. I’m pretty sure that I know every word to the album. For me Lotus is more in the Back to Basics or Stripped category. That is to say that the album is cohesive. You can listen to it all the way through and I don’t abhor any of the tracks or anything. However I don’t absolutely love every one either.

After listening to the album at least a half dozen times I still have to say that Your Body is my favorite track. It’s so sexy and catchy. It’s about sex for sex’s sake. It’s not about love, it’s just about getting down. Let’s just say that not long ago I had it on repeat for about 40 minutes while having some “fun”. Army Of Me (“One of me is stronger!”) and Red Hot Kinda Love (“I must be crazy cuz I only just met you baby”) are my other top, fast picks from the album. Army Of Me is definitely reminiscent of her earlier song Stronger, it makes you feel empowered. Red Hot Kinda Love is just fun. Let There Be Love and Shut Up also have some sexy lyrics that I totally dig, (“hit the right spot, making my eyes roll back”, “you can suck my ugh”).

I’m sure that DJs will even be remixing some of the songs that most likely won’t be released as singles. In addition to Let There Be Love, Around The World and Circles have a great dance beat to them. Plus the last track on the album is even a dance remix of Your Body.

About halfway through the album it takes a turn toward the melancholy. This is understandable due to Christina’s divorce. Sing For Me is very sweet and I can totally relate to it. Best Of Me (“Are you happy to know I’m unhappy alone?”) is another really good slow tune.

So even though this isn’t my favorite Aguilera album it’s still a must buy. I think that it’s great that she has expressed herself both sexually and sadly. I think that it’s pretty common for women to want to go out and party to deal with a break up. However she still acknowledges that it hurts, which is brave.

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Warning: Spoilers Abound

4 out of 5 stars

Yet another movie that I wouldn’t know existed if it weren’t for the amazing, You see VideoETA is a great resource for finding out both theatrical and home release dates of movies. Often while checking to find the date of a film I know about I discover hidden gems. These are often films that had a limited or direct to DVD release.

That was the case with Perfect Sense, also known as The Last Word. It is a perfect case of this, as the film was released in only 1 theater for 1 week. It was directed by David Mackenzie and written by Kim Fupz Aakeson. It was shot and set in Glasgow.

If you only saw the film’s cover you may just go in thinking that it’s a standard romantic drama but it’s so much more. This 2011 drama is actually the most disturbing movie that I’ve seen this year.

The movie is about a horrifying disease that individually steals humans’ senses. As the film progresses, we gradually see and feel the characters lose their senses of smell, taste, sound and finally sight. It’s implied that they will eventually lose touch as well.

Although the movie shows how this would affect large populations of people in various countries (most likely using stock footage of actual riots, etc, which is also incredibly disturbing) it mainly focuses on how this would affect us as individuals.

The movie focuses on Michael (Ewan McGregor), a chef with intimacy issues, and Susan (Eva Green), a scientist who is sick of men mistreating her.

Despite her annoyance at the interruption of a phone call, Susan first meets Michael when he bums a cigarette from her. Their meet cute takes place easily since he is a chef at a restaurant right across the alley from her apartment.

Despite her initial reticence at getting involved with a player Susan decides to dine one night after hours with Michael. This is during the beginning of their loss of senses. This causes a very close connection between them as they simultaneously lose their sense of smell.

As they lose more and more senses they rely on and fall for each other. This is incredibly romantic and seductive. They let down their defenses and tell each other things they’ve never told another soul because they can feel everything ending and need something honest.

“Want to go dancing?”
“Get drunk?”
“smoke cigarettes?”

Despite the interspersed footage of riots and the horror of the situation, including the fact that as someone who has been studying this epidemic from the beginning, Susan admits that no one really knows what will happen next, for a while things are going better than normal for the characters. Why? LOVE, of course.

Unfortunately, prior to the loss of each sense, humans experience a heightened sense or emotion. So prior to the loss of hearing they become very angry and violent. This is when Michael scares and drives away Susan after yelling terrible things at her and then wrecking his own home.

This causes them to be apart during the horror of losing their hearing. However they both try their best to enjoy life as they can. Michael eventually goes back to work and Susan learns to love her sisters’ family (instead of just being jealous of them).

“…and if there had been anybody left to see them, then they would look like normal lovers, caressing each others’ faces, bodies close together, eyes closed, oblivious to the world around them…”

With the impending loss of sight, our lovers’ realize how important love and being with those you love is. So they reunite as the darkness closes in.

Yes, that is Trainspotting’s Ewen Bremner (Spud)!

In addition to love overcoming the worst we are also repeatedly presented with the idea that life goes on and humans learn to adapt. This is often shown to great effect at the restaurant that Michael works at. For instance, when people lose their sense of smell (which is tied to taste) the chefs decide that they must increase the spiciness of the dishes to really give the customers flavor. Later as taste goes dining out is more about texture and feeling special as you spend time with a loved one and are waited on.

Perfect Sense is most definitely not an easy film to watch. In fact, you may cry. However, it’s incredibly touching, interesting and innovative. It is a must watch!

This movie also available at Redbox kiosks.

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Note: I think this is an amazing movie. I just reserve 5 stars for movies with rewatchability. That rarely includes dramas, especially ones this heavy. I can’t see me watching this over and over.

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