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3.5 out of 5 stars (you can’t do half stars on EF so I’m giving it a 3 on there)

The Decision to Choose It
Many new items were recently added to EdenFantasys so when it came time to choose my free review item for the month I was excited. A lot of the new lingerie is super hot. However I recently had to break up with my fiance. So I felt more in the mood to try a new dress, if possible. You know, something I can wear to go out, now that someone isn’t overly worried about that sort of thing.

I currently own a bandage skirt (that I’ve never worn because I can’t find anything to pair it with). However I’ve never owned a bandage dress, despite being a huge fan of them. I recently tried one on at a department store and was quite pleased with the look on my body. Due to the mesh inserts I didn’t know if I would be able to wear this out but I thought that I’d give it a try.

blk bag coll

This dress came on a plastic Dreamgirl hanger covered in a plastic bag. Two tags are attached to the dress. One shows a model wearing the dress on the front and size, color info, the style number and the official Dreamgirl site listed on the back. The second tag lists the Dreamgirl address and telephone numbers on the front and the fabric makeup on the back.

blk op coll

This dress from Dreamgirl comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. I chose the large as that’s usually my size. I wear a size large or 10-12 in women’s clothing with a size 36C bust. To give you an idea of my body shape, I have a chest and hips that are about the same width. Yes, I’m hippy, do not have much of a waist, have a booty and prominent thighs. To paraphrase Beyonce, that’s the shape of my body whether I make it smaller or not. I know my body and have come to (mostly) like it.

For some reason I was thinking that this was from Coquette when I ordered it so I was not worried about the size at all since I always wear a large from that brand. However I was wrong, this is from Dreamgirl. I think this may actually be my first Dreamgirl piece. According to the Dreamgirl size chart a large should fit someone who wears a size 10-14 with a 36-38C or D bust, a 28-32″ waist and 38-40″ hips.

The actual unstretched measurements are 3o” bust, 27″ waist and 30″ hips. It is 31.5″ long (not including the detachable straps. I’m 5’4″. You can see where it hits me in the photos below.

Well the sizing doesn’t fully work for me. Despite fitting within the measurements for a large I cannot zip this fully up the bust when it’s on. After looking at the measurements I would have understood if it were a waist issue since my waist is at the higher end of the chart for this size but that wasn’t the issue at all. Finally I had to remove the straps, zip it all of the way up and then pull it over my head. Now that worked. I do like the way that it fits the rest of my body. It’s tight, as a bandage dress should be. I’m not sure that a size XL would have worked for me. I think that it would have been too loose in the lower body and possibly too long. If you do decide to go for the XL, EF doesn’t list the measurements for that size on their site. However they are listed on the official Dreamgirl site. A XL should fit someone who wears a size 14-16 and is a D-E cup. The XL measurements are 38-40″ bust, 31-33″ waist and 40-42″ hips.

Material & Care Information
This dress is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It is to be handwashed in cold water and hung to dry.

My first impression of this dress is that it’s incredibly neat looking and well made. It features detachable straps, so you can wear it with the straps or detach them and wear it as a tube dress. It has strategically placed mesh inserts. Plus it has an exposed zipper on the back like some more expensive dresses.

blk dr coll

blk fr cl

to give you an idea of how the large fits a C cup

blk bk butt

so you can see how it looks from the backside

I moved every which way in this dress but I didn’t expose myself. Now I did expose parts of my breasts but not the nipples. They are squished but I don’t think that it looks terrible, just a bit odd. I would like it if the bust weren’t so tight. You can also see my belly button which I usually am not fond of. However I sort of like it in this.

As I mentioned it’s too tight on me in the bust. This does cause the back to bunch up when I move around. I did take a close up photo of this to provide a detailed review. However my vanity won out and I didn’t post it (you can still tell in one of the photos above). Now I’m glad that I didn’t as someone has already written on EF that this dress is “sexy but does not look good on a bigger women”. I do not try to get my self worth from others. However I have suffered from body image issues and disordered eating. That type of thing is not cool. For a millisecond I doubted myself. However I will be wearing this out when I find the occasion to do so. It seems like it would work for a night out at a fancy restaurant and then heading off to an upscale club.

blk sw coll

Due to the aforementioned back issues and it being borderline nude on top I’ve also shown it paired above with a cardigan. I’ll definitely be wearing it like this sometimes.

My Conclusion
It’s a nice dress. It’s well made for the price and I recommend it if you aren’t as busty as me (& I didn’t even think I was that busty). I think that this works well for women with the same shape as me (on the bottom) if you want to accentuate your curves.

product picture
Mini dress by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester / Spandex
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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*spoilers abound*

3 out of 5

“It’s about a man who wrote a book and lost it and the pissant kid who found it”

Now I must address the film The Words. Normally my need to review a movie comes from it being exceptional, either truly awful or completely amazing. The Words is unique as it’s squarely in the middle, as my above rating indicates. So why do I feel the need to write about it? Probably because it focuses on multiple writers, which is what I’ve considered myself since age four.

I’ve been wanting to see this since I saw the trailer during the theatrical release. However not enough to actually pay theater prices. Thanks Redbox! Bradley Cooper again plays a writer. What is with this by the way? I loved Limitless and he was also a journalist on Alias. I just ponder if he wanted to be a writer when he was younger or if it’s a depth thing. Ya know, ooh, I’m playing a writer, he must be deep! Well this is no Limitless (super re-watchable despite plausibility, motivation and attraction between the characters).

As I’d gathered from the trailer (and is stated above during the film) this movie centers on Cooper’s character plagiarizing someone’s else’s story. I know, I KNOW, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I’m sure this is what all of us who write thought but I had to see it. Especially since the trailer features a strong willed Jeremy Irons yelling at him about “stealing my life”.

Unfortunately the film starts out with plenty of steam but peters out and leaves one quite dissatisfied. Cooper desperately wants to be a published author. The problem? He’s not talented or at least not enough. When he’s hitting his father up for money even he has to reiterate this for him. Maybe he’s not without potential but just not easy to sell as Ron Rifkin later indicates. BTW-Why waste Rifkin like this? (a favor because they were both in Alias?, I mean he’s in the movie for like 2 minutes max). Actually it seems like many actors are simply wasted in their roles.

At any rate, after submitting his novel and receiving many letters declining it Cooper eventually has to get a day job. A day job at a publishing house of course just so he knows the right people in case he ever becomes talented. Prior to this he meets and falls for Zoe Saldana’s character. Saldana is also woefully underused in this (as she seems to be in many films, I so can’t wait for her Nina Simone biopic, I bet it shall be epic!). They are (convincingly, well at least that works) in love and lust and even get married. She bypasses him in the career game though, as an outburst by him at a classy dinner indicates. No, I have no idea what her job is. Yes, as other critics have mentioned her character isn’t fleshed out.

During their honeymoon in Paris (which I can only assume she paid for) they stumble upon a nice looking briefcase in an antiques store. She buys it for him as a wedding gift. After he’s given up his dreams he decides to transfer his work papers from his current plastic Staples style binder to it and comes across an old typed story. Why does he have important work papers anyway, isn’t he likes a mailroom clerk? Oye.

He immediately reads the story that we only see incredibly quick clips of but it includes a soldier in the past. Then as the narrator indicates he feels compelled to type it out, as if the words were so great that he had to channel the greatness through his fingertips. I’m sorry, but that is completely stupid. I love to read and I have never typed out more than a few lines from a writer to share their genius with the world. If he didn’t already have sinister intentions then I’ll eat one of my many hats.

Of course Saldana comes across it on his computer and is so moved that she FUCKING CRIES! Really? REALLY?!? That’s a major overreaction but whatever. She swears that she’s never looked through his laptop before but she just happened to today (umm, yeah I totally believe her, right ladies?) and she’s overcome. He must take it to someone at the publishing house that he works at and sell it. He just must. At first he seems like he will spill all but he thinks better of it because she thinks he’s actually hot shit now. So he sells it.

Yes, he sells it. Plus it’s so good that a major dude at the company reads it one night. Ahem, sounds like bullshit. Then it becomes a bestseller, makes them rich and wins awards.

This is when the fantastically talented Jeremy Irons enters the picture (I must admit that I do miss him being all sexay in the ’90s though). Irons informs Cooper that it’s his story that was lost years and years ago. Though the trailer implies that Irons will go ape shit and try to make Cooper’s life hell he actually, mainly, just wants to share the full story with someone. It’s a melodramatic love story.

Before you think this movie is a story within a story, I have news for you! It’s story within a story within a story. Dennis Quaid, again super underused in this, is actually telling the story of Cooper’s character, which is his novel. Quaid plays a completely superficial hot author who just wants tail in this. Seriously, when you have decades on Bradley Cooper and you come off as vapid while he is actually able to show some pathos, well, what were the filmmakers thinking?

Quaid is hit on by an aspiring writer and college student with a crush, as played by Olivia Wilde. Since this is a movie we are supposed to believe that the attractive, though always somewhat alien looking Wilde, is a fresh faced college student though in real life she’s actually 28. None of that matters though because we now have 3 or 4 stories going and none of them are all that interesting.

At first I thought that Quaid had stumbled upon the story of the young author and would at some point out him (as I’d hoped Irons would do, but didn’t). Instead it’s intimated that Quaid may be the Cooper character and that he’s fictionalized himself.

Whew! So what ultimately happens? Well not a whole hell of a lot but I’m not one to give away endings anyway. So should you watch it? If you are a huge fan of Cooper, then yes. If you are a big fan of any of the other actors then maybe you want to steer clear as they aren’t getting their due anyway.

BTW-The Words may or may not be a rip off of a Swedish book and story entitled Lila Lila, which is pretty insane considering the subject matter. Plus the original sounds more compelling.

Photos are from the Official The Words Facebook


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Christina Aguilera’s new album Lotus has now been released. I’m a huge Xtina fan. Plus I absolutely love both the song and the video for her first single from the album, Your Body. So it’s safe to say that I was eagerly awaiting this album.

The Deluxe Version of Lotus includes 17 tracks. They are as follows:

Lotus Intro
Army Of Me
Red Hot Kinda Love
Make The World Move
Your Body
Let There Be Love
Sing For Me
Blank Page
Cease Fire
Around The World
Best Of Me
Just A Fool
Light Up The Sky
Empty Words
Shut Up
Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

All in all I definitely dig the album. However it’s not my favorite Aguilera album. That honor still goes to Bionic. I found Bionic to be fun, fast and catchy. I had it on nonstop the summer before last. I’m pretty sure that I know every word to the album. For me Lotus is more in the Back to Basics or Stripped category. That is to say that the album is cohesive. You can listen to it all the way through and I don’t abhor any of the tracks or anything. However I don’t absolutely love every one either.

After listening to the album at least a half dozen times I still have to say that Your Body is my favorite track. It’s so sexy and catchy. It’s about sex for sex’s sake. It’s not about love, it’s just about getting down. Let’s just say that not long ago I had it on repeat for about 40 minutes while having some “fun”. Army Of Me (“One of me is stronger!”) and Red Hot Kinda Love (“I must be crazy cuz I only just met you baby”) are my other top, fast picks from the album. Army Of Me is definitely reminiscent of her earlier song Stronger, it makes you feel empowered. Red Hot Kinda Love is just fun. Let There Be Love and Shut Up also have some sexy lyrics that I totally dig, (“hit the right spot, making my eyes roll back”, “you can suck my ugh”).

I’m sure that DJs will even be remixing some of the songs that most likely won’t be released as singles. In addition to Let There Be Love, Around The World and Circles have a great dance beat to them. Plus the last track on the album is even a dance remix of Your Body.

About halfway through the album it takes a turn toward the melancholy. This is understandable due to Christina’s divorce. Sing For Me is very sweet and I can totally relate to it. Best Of Me (“Are you happy to know I’m unhappy alone?”) is another really good slow tune.

So even though this isn’t my favorite Aguilera album it’s still a must buy. I think that it’s great that she has expressed herself both sexually and sadly. I think that it’s pretty common for women to want to go out and party to deal with a break up. However she still acknowledges that it hurts, which is brave.

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Over the summer I purchased this Floral lace mini dress with bow by Music Legs from EdenFantasys. At the time I felt like it was a huge departure for me style wise. It’s frilly and lacy but most of all it’s white. I’ve owned white and cream slips that I’ve slept in over the years and occasionally a sweater but I’m not a big white girl. As someone who has always had body image issues I have equated white with fat. So despite the great price on this piece I was worried prior to its arrival.

However when I opened it I totally fell for it.

It was packaged simply. The front and back cover feature a model wearing the piece, as well as sizing and care info.

This piece is labeled a one size fits most. According to the packaging it should fit someone who is from 5″ to 5’10” tall and from 100-175lbs. This seems accurate to me. I took the following measurements (unstretched-stretched): bust 28-38″, high waist at ribbon 26-34″, hips 38-46″ and the length of the piece is 22″. The ribbon that ties at the neck measures 16.5″ in length and the ribbon at the waist is also 16.5″. The matching thong measures 7″ long and the crotch is from .5-2″ wide from the smallest to the widest point. I love how this fits. That includes the thong as well, which is totally unusual for me. I am a size 10-12 or large in clothing with a 36C bust. (as per usual, no exact measurements because of my ED history)

I really can’t gush enough about how much I adore this lingerie. Despite my early misgivings I was completely wrong. I don’t feel fat at all in this. I feel super sweet and sexy. Plus the trim at the top of the bust and the ribbon ties are darling. It’s also very comfortable and I’ve even slept in it. The thong is so comfy (compared to similar lacy thongs I’ve owned) that I’ve paired it with other outfits and neglige.

It is made of elastic and polyamid, excluding the trim. The instructions are to wash deep colors separately and keep it away from fire. I have washed it in the washing machine without any damage. I lay it out to dry afterward.

Due to the sheer fabric of the set I wore a cream slip skirt on the bottom and covered my chest. When I wear it as intended (sans slip) the bottom hits right at the bottom of my butt. I have worn this set often and until the arrival of my Mesh peek-a-boo chemise by Leg Avenue it was my favorite, go to set, now it takes second place.

Definitely a must buy!

product picture
Mini dress by Music legs
Material: Elastic / Polyamid

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After seeing how well the Wetlook capri pants from Coquette fit I had to have the Black Wet Look Skirt from Coquette as well. I knew from the other piece that I needed a large so I had to wait a bit until it came back in stock but I snagged it as soon as it did. I had a feeling that the XL would hang looser than I’d like on me.

I wear a size 10-12 in bottoms (as per usual, no specific measurements due to my history of eating disorders). According to the Coquette size chart a large will fit a size 12-14, 30-32″ waist and 40-42″ hips. The measurements that I got from the skirt, laid flat and prior to wear are as follows, 28″-36″ waist (at least), 40″-46″ hips (at least) and a length of 12″. This skirt is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and 1X/2X. I am 5’4″ tall and this is definitely a mini on me, which I love!

The skirt comes packaged in plastic on a Coquette hanger with a Darque by Coquette tag attached (the name of this wet look line). Like the pants the skirt also sticks to itself initially due to the fabric (82% nylon, 18% spandex). After opening the skirt and laying it flat it was still a bit wrinkled but the wrinkles seemed to smooth out quickly after I put it on. According to the tags the skirt should be hand washed only and hung to dry.

I love the way that this skirt hangs on me. It hugs my hips and thighs and then flares out after my ample booty. I think that it really shows it off.

Yes, I was on the phone w my sis when I took these. Multitasking FTW!

I recently paired my new skirt with a simple v-neck black top, a handcuff necklace, some textured hose and my faux leather boots to sing karaoke at a local dive bar. I did feel like guys were checking out my butt when I was walking around that night. So it gets a male stamp of approval. I was surprised that when I got up from sitting that the skirt didn’t cling to my hose at all. Now when I was sitting on a leather bench seat it did stick a bit and ride up so you need to keep an eye out for that.

All in all I really love this skirt and think I may pick up the red version in the future as well. The Darque by Coquette collection is definitely full of head turning pieces.

product picture
Skirt by Coquette
Material: Nylon / Spandex

Some other pieces from EF that would look sexy with this skirt are below:
(just click the pic to go buy them!)

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