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Last month the Cutey company contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some jewelry from them. Cutey sent me two wonderful charm bracelets.

The blue bracelet is called Momus. Momus comes with either the choice of a tower or bell as the featured charm when you order it. I was sent the tower version. I’m thrilled about that because it’s definitely my favorite part of the bracelet. The tower is definitely very evocative of a British building. The bracelet also features some stars and stones. The bracelet is designed to appear similar to a vintage pice. I can definitely see that as you might think that it was bought on a long ago adventure in London.

The pink bracelet is called Aether. Aether is inspired by the God of the same name in mythology. It’s supposed to put you in a girly mood and it definitely does the job. Aether includes some stars and some fun, pink stones.

Bracelets come with a well designed brand tag in a plastic bag. If I were giving one as a gift I’d probably remove the bag and leave the tag. Each bracelet retails for $20.09. The length of the chain of each is 7.08″. These bracelets are made well. It should be noted that they seem to just fit around my wrists so measure your wrists before buying. I’ve always thought of my wrists as being fairly slender for my body so I was a bit surprised. They close with a clasp that is a bit tricky the first time that you use it. I’m not dexterous so I had someone close it for me.

You can purchase a variety of charm bracelets from Cutey at The current collection features a variety of choices so I think it would be easy to choose one for any woman or girl who loves jewelry.

Cutey on the net:
official Cutey site
Cutey on Facebook
Cutey on twitter

These bracelets were provided by Cutey. This doesn’t affect my opinion of them.


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listen to Face

Marty’s Invasion is a fun band that plays a variety of music. Marty (aka Daniel Martin) is the man behind the band. He plays all of the instruments, which include guitar, piano, bass, percussion and the unique electro-theremin. He also sings most of the parts in his tunes. Sometimes he features guest musicians on certain tracks or during live shows.

Marty’s Invasion was founded by Marty in New York City in 2002. Though Marty is currently residing in Lancaster, PA (yes, I knew there had to be some other awesome people in this state!) in the past he has also lived and played in many high profile cities including Washington D.C and San Fransisco.

Aside from embracing various types of music another thing that sets Marty’s Invasion apart from other bands is that he sometimes uses an electro-theremin in both the recording of and live performances of his songs. It looks pretty neat. According to this site an electro-theremin is an electronic instrument that was invented to sound like a theremin but is played a different way from a classic theremin. The following two tracks include the electro-theremin and it definitely gives them an uncommon sound. Plus he made it himself, impressive.

listen to Waiting for a Word

listen to Post Office

Marty’s Invasion released a new EP in January. It can be purchased here on Amazon, here on iTunes or here on Ubetoo.

The EP includes the following tracks:
1. Somebody Else
2. Post Office
3. Pretender’s Waltz
4. Deep Rooted

There are two things that I love about songs from Marty’s Invasion: 1. his songs span different musical styles, 2. one of those genres is alternative rock! Remember the 90s? There definitely aren’t enough alternative songs out these days. Other types of music that Marty excels at include pop, rock, goth and classical instrumentals.

listen to Somebody Else

Some of his songs, including the above Somebody Else, which is arguably my favorite, give off a low key 60s rock feel ala The Beach Boys. His EP also includes the spacey, pop love song Post Office. Post Office puts me in a fun 80s pop mood. Pretender’s Waltz goes a completely different way since it’s a classic instrumental. The last song on the EP is Deep Rooted. While it is also an instrumental it’s completely different from Pretender’s Waltz. It’s a blues influenced guitar instrumental. It sort of makes you feel like you’re sitting in a hip jazz club somewhere listening to it in the dark, surround by very in the know people.

You can also check out some other great songs from Marty’s Invasion that you can’t currently buy by visiting Ubetoo. Some non-album favorites of mine have also been included in this post. The gothy Waiting for a Word may strike a chord with fans of the Cure (like me). Somebody Else totally sounds like an alternative rock song that you just happened to come across. It reminds me of artists such as The Proclaimers and DeadEyeDick. The rock song Face is about being happy to see your lover’s Face at the end of the work day. It’s another song that has a cool, 60s vibe to me.

listen to Hometown

Some more great Marty’s Invasion songs on Ubetoo are the mellow folk rock track Hometown and the alternative feeling Moments in the Sun. Either would be great for a day when you are just being low key and chilling. You should also check out the pop piano ballad Cross Country Runner. It’s a moving song about a friend he’s lost touch with.

Since Marty’s Invasion is so diverse I would basically recommend his EP for fans of music in general.

Marty’s Invasion on the Web:
Marty’s Invasion Official Site
Marty’s Invasion on Ubetoo
Marty’s Invasion on iTunes
Marty’s Invasion on Facebook
Marty’s Invasion on GetGlue-You know how I love to check into stuff.
Marty’s Invasion on Jango-(my favorite internet radio station BTW)

This post has been brought to you by Danny Martin but that doesn’t affect my opinions or recommendations.


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Mykul Lee is a folk rock musician from Los Angeles, California. He is multitalented and is skilled at singing as well as playing a ton of instruments, which include the guitar, piano, bass, organ and drums.

photo by Hadas

Mykul has a new album coming out on May 1, 2012 entitled Fortress. You can pre-order Fortress right now for $9.99 and you will receive a limited edition autographed poster as well (fantastic artwork on that BTW). I think that’s awesome. In addition to the immensely talented Mykul Lee the album also features the contributions of Max Coane, Jussi Karvinen, Elmo Lovano and Sergio Flores.

artwork by Shawn Harris

Fortress contains the following 10 tracks:
1. Crazy Like Me
2. Loving Arms
3. Wish You Were Mine
4. Fatal Attraction
5. The Way That You Move
6. Generation At War
7. Hello Beautiful
8. Just Like Old Times
9. Object Of My Heart
10. No One Like You

The songs on Fortress are what I’d describe as low key love letters. Mykul has a breathy voice that’s like a lover whispering in your ear. My favorite tunes from Fortress are Wish You Were Mine, Fatal Attraction, Hello Beautiful and Object of My Heart.

I urge you to listen to the tracks I’ve included in this post and the rest of the songs on Mykul’s Soundcloud page

missemmamm interviews Mykul Lee

photo by Kirsti Anna Urpa

Please check out this great interview (conducted online) with Mykul Lee (his answers are in bold):

When did you first start singing?
I started singing when I was young but didn’t understand the full concept until I was probably 15 or 16.. I started paying attention to the vocals in songs just as much as drums or guitar.. After awhile, I kinda found my own voice that inevitably was impressed upon me by my influences at the time.

What song of yours are you the most proud of?
There are a few songs on the first record that I am particularly found of because I was so young when I wrote them and I know I would write them differently today.. Other than that, i really like the vibe of my new record ‘Fortress.’ Favorite song: Fatal Attraction

What musicians inspire you?
Too many to name.. Ryan Adams, Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Gotye, Jose Gonzalez, Don McLean, Jim Croce, Neil Young.. My favorite 2 bands are weezer and iron maiden.

What are your favorite genres of songs to listen to?
Depends on the mood I guess..
In the morning it’s mostly singer songwriter stuff..
When we’re drinkin it’s old rock n roll or old metal..
When the mood is dark it’s Elliot Smith or Portishead or something like that

photo by Skyler Nielsen

What are your favorite guilty pleasure songs?
Most anything Kelly Clarkson.. Or Justin Timberlake. I love bone thugs n harmony.

What band would you like to tour with?
Fleet Foxes, iron and wine, Bon Iver, Ryan Adams

Where would you love to perform?
When I was a kid I was SO influenced by bands or artists I saw on Saturday night live. It would be a dream come true to play that show. I’ve toured a lot in bands and played some cool places but that would be amazing

What musician would you love to do a duet with?
Ryan Adams

What is the best advice that you’ve even been given?
Never trust a hippy

Other than music what are some of your hobbies?
art, photography, partyin!!

Check It Out:
Mykul Lee on Facebook
Buy Fortress by Mykul Lee
Mykul Lee on Soundcloud site
Interview with Mykul Lee on Seargent Sparrow

This post is brought to you by Sky Nielsen. This doesn’t affect my opinions and recommendations.


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You're Not Doing It Right by Michael Ian Black

You’re Not Doing It Right
by Michael Ian Black
published by Gallery Books
(a division of Simon & Schuster)
releases on February 28, 2012

Feel free to both watch my video review above and read the review below as they are tonally different.

Recently I was lucky to receive an advance copy of Michael Ian Black’s You’re Not Doing It Right courtesy of Simon & Schuster. Michael Ian Black is an actor who has starred in such shows as The State, Stella and Michael and Michael Have Issues. The memoir is mainly an easy to read, acerbic flavored look at Michael’s personal life. It’s under 250 pages so I found it to be a quick read. I got through it in about 3 days. The 19 chapters have such witty titles as “meredith wants to give you a blowjob”, “fuck you, alan alda”, “i hate my baby” and “pills and booze”.

There isn’t much in the way of Black’s professional life. However many will probably find the book easy to relate to as he struggles with becoming middle aged and a yuppie. I found it interesting as an outsider who is not into suburban life.

Michael discusses many life milestones that everyone goes through including issues with your parents, trying to find his footing in the dating arena and losing a pet. The section about putting his dog down was particularly heart wrenching and I did sob, so be forewarned.

He also discusses how difficult it is to be a parent in a completely honest manner. Sure friends will tell you that their kids are driving them nuts but it’s not often that a public figure admits to it. He even touches on his depression. I found his ability to even share what he admits are his douchey qualities honestly and without blaming things on others. Some memoirs really try to pass the buck but his doesn’t.

I recommend buying Michael Ian Black’s You’re Not Doing It Right today. You’ll laugh and empathize.

“You can’t keep a show on the air”, he kills me.

Check It Out:
Michael Ian Black on twitter
Michael Ian Black’s Author Page on Simon & Schuster
upcoming book appearances by Michael Ian Black
Simon & Schuster Facebook

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Enjoy my video review of David Wain’s Wanderlust.

The film was written by David Wain and Ken Marino (who’s also in the movie) and directed by David Wain. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. The above photo and poster and were selected from David Wain’s blog. You can see more here on my Childrens Hospital tumblr.

Check It Out:

my Fuck Yeah, Childrens Hospital! tumblr

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