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First off, read the reviews for sizing info carefully, as aside from your personality, fit is basically the most important thing when choosing a Halloween costume. Then order accordingly, some costumes run large while others run small.

My top pick is the sailor pin up costume because I adore the pin up look.

The Greek Goddess, pirate and flapper costumes may be good choices if you don’t want to feel so exposed in your costume.

The space girl costume is just adorable.

The nurse is sexy and sassy.

From what I’ve read the Bride of Frankenstein costume is surprisingly very fitted so it’s a sexy choice as well. Just add a wig or a bunch of hair spray and some color from one of those $2 cans that crop up this time of year.

The Merlotte’s apron is simple. The items that you need to add to it to complete the costume are things that you most likely already have in your closet (a white tee and some jeans or black shorts). For added impact pick up a bottle of True Blood from Hot Topic or FYE. Then draw on some fake bite marks with cheap Halloween makeup or a lipstick or lip pencil. Then you will be set to go as an Merlotte’s waitress, including Sookie Stackhouse. This costume is also an easy segue into hitting on any hot guys dressed as vampires that you bump into.

Top Women's Halloween Costumes Under $20

Top Women’s Halloween Costumes Under $20 by missemmamm on

Please consider the prices in the polyvore set a rough estimate as they’ve been fluctuating this season but they are all still under $20.

Shipping In Time For Halloween
If you read this after 5PM ET today and need the costume for this weekend then you are going to have to pay more than $20 total (rush shipping). However these will still be cheaper than more expensive costumes + a rush shipping charge.

I recommend because if you pay for fast shipping you can get that. If you order is over $85 (order your families costumes at the same time to get bang for your buck) you can still get them on Friday with free shipping if you order by 5PM ET today. Other current coupons from include 15% off with code HAUNTED15 or $10 off of orders of $80 or more with code NAT10.

Another option to get your costume fast would be to buy one from Amazon after signing up for a free trial of their Amazon Prime service. It includes 2 day shipping.

If you don’t want to deal with online fast shipping deals then I recommend hitting up your local Kmart (costumes at 50% off). The flapper dress above is from Kmart. Plus they offer many storybook and vampire costumes. Find one that fits well and you’re set. Or you could hit up Hot Topic and get the Merlotte’s apron or space girl costume.


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The current IFB Project is Channel Your Inner Superhero so this seems like a good time to talk about the Red Badger.

When I turned 25 I decided to have a costume birthday party. My sister and I actually convinced almost everyone to dress up. It was so much fun.

I created my own superhero called the Red Badger for the occasion. It started when I spotted some really cute red boyshort panties that tied in the back while shopping at a department store. They screamed superhero. At the time I considered underwear a viable outfit choice.

I paired them with one of my favorite bra by Jezebel and some red heels. Then I ran around getting accessories such as fabric (just tied around my neck) as a cape, a red mask, hair dye, red fishnets and a birthday pin. I would have been done but spotted a mustache in Party City and decided that the Red Badger was definitely a transsexual superhero. Everyone loved playing with the mustache including the guys which I found hilarious, since they could grow one.

I had a wardrobe change.

Brian Molko of Placebo in Velvet Goldmine

My sister created her own superhero called the Purple Peacock. She paired a cute tank & dress shorts with fishnets, boots, a purple top hat, feather boa and fancy mask. I do believe that she was heavily influenced by Brian Molko in Velvet Goldmine.

Timmy/his creation

Something incredibly neat was that my friend Timmy made and gifted me with this doll dressed as me.

You may want to consider putting together your own fun look for Halloween for a unique look.

Red Badger


Purple Peacock


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