Top Romantic Dramas on Netflix Streaming

Talk of Angels (1998) (Available Until June 01, 2016)

Back during my Vincent Perez phase I bought this on VHS. It’s decent as far as his flicks go. He doesn’t have a great Spanish accent (which is odd since he grew up all over the place) but I’ll overlook any problemos in that area. This movie is about an Irish woman who goes to Spain and becomes a governess. She finds political pressure in Spain, just as she did in Ireland. Polly Walker, Frances McDormand and Penelope Cruz costar.

Certified Copy (2010) (French) (Available Until December 27, 2014)

It’s about a man and a woman who have a barbed attraction and share a day together. Fantastic! The film stars Juliette Binoche and William Shimell.

Another Day (2001) (Available Until October 15, 2013)

Did you ever want to see what it would be like to see Prue and Cole in love? Lucky that you came across this flick then. Shannen Doherty is in love with Julian McMahon but ends up going back in time to shortly before her former, late lover’s death.

Passion Play (Available Until July 20, 2013)

I love everything about this film, the idea, casting, visual choices, etc. Mickey Rourke stumbles into a traveling sideshow and meets a beautiful young woman (Megan Fox) who plays the part of an angel. They fall for each other. Their love unravels since he’s tangled up with some other unsavory folks. The movie costars Bill Murray, Kelly Lynch and Rhys Ifans.

Good Dick (2008) (Available Until June 29, 2013)

Good Dick is listed under romcoms but it’s anything but. The movie is about a man who works at a video store and falls for an introverted woman who rents a lot of porn. It’s a very touching drama that I definitely recommend. Marianna Palka (also the director), Jason Ritter, Martin Starr and Tom Arnold star in this flick.

Conversations with Other Women (2006) (Available Until February 15, 2013)

Conversations with Other Women is a personal favorite. I own and have watched this film and the special features often. (I have entertained thoughts of making independent films and it was shot on a DV camera). The writing is top notch. It’s about a woman (Helena Bonham Carter) who is attending a wedding and meets up with a man (Aaron Eckhart) that she shares special chemistry with.

Last Night (Available Until January 1, 2013)

Last Night is about a married couple (Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington) who’ve been together for a while but are both tempted to cheat on the same night. Knightley’s character is definitely more fleshed out and relate-able. Worthington mainly seems like a stock faithful husband who is confused and tempted (by Eva Mendes though so it totally makes sense).

A Beautiful Life (Mei Li Ren Sheng) (China/Hong Kong) (Available Until December 13, 2012)

A booze and high heel loving real estate agent meets a police officer. She leads him on while using him to do things for her. It’s one of those friend zone relationships that actually goes somewhere.

Hope Floats (1998) (Available Until November 15, 2012)

Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr, Gena Rowland and Kathy Najimy star in this film about love and starting over. It’s about what happens when your husband is a piece of shit so you have to heal and start again.

Random Hearts (1999) (Available Until November 01, 2012)

Random Hearts is definitely a different kind of movie. It has a slow build and it’s long. Plus it’s very sexy without being very sexual. This Sydny Pollack movie stars Harrison Ford (ahhh!) and Kristin Scott Thomas as two people whose spouses both die in a freak plane accident. They fall for each other while grieving, but her job gets in the way. Charles S. Dutton, Bonnie Hunt, Dennis Haysbert, Richard Jenkins, Peter Coyote and Dylan Baker costar.

The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) (Available Until November 01, 2012)

It took me a long time to get around to catching this flick but since I’ve seen it I must heartily recommend it. Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges star as struggling jazz musicians who hire the sexy, talented Michelle Pfeiffer as their singer.

Where the Heart Is (2000) (Available Until November 01, 2012)

No matter how many times I see Where the Heart Is I will never stop being amazed by it. I read the book back in the day and it was incredibly schmaltzy and just okay. However the movie is totally made by the amazing, believable performance of Natalie Portman as Novalee Nation (I know). She’s a pregnant teen whose bf is such a dick that he ditches her at a Walmart. However she makes the best of things, befriends a bunch of really great people and finds her passion in life (and love) while bringing up her son. Ashley Judd, James Frain, Stockard Channing, Joan Cusack and Sally Field costar.

Suburban Girl (2007) (Available Until August 15, 2012)

The first time that I saw Suburban Girl I was dissapointed. However I don’t blame the film, I blame US Weekly. During filming all of the on set picks made it seem like it was fun and upbeat. Then it was released and marketed as a romcom. However it’s actually more dramatic. The flick is about a book editor (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who starts dating a much older man (Alec Baldwin).

Dirty Dancing (1987) (Available Until July 01, 2012)

Patrick Swayze stars as the older dance instructor that teen Jennifer Grey falls for, while developing her dirty dancing skills.

The Edge of Love (2008) (Available Until June 30, 2012)

I originally rented this on a whim and it definitely turned out to be a good idea. It’s a period drama set in wartime London about the lives, loves and friendship between two women played by Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller. Matthew Rhys and Cillian Murphy costar.

At First Sight (1999) (Available Until July 01, 2012)

At First Sight was mercilessly bashed upon it’s release but I’ve always loved it. It was actually put down for not being realistic while it was based on a true story and Val Kilmer shadowed the guy that it was actually about (I know, so wrong). Kilmer is a blind masseuse who finds love with Mira Sorvino. She helps him experience new things when he undergoes an operation that gives him his sight back but will it last? Kelly McGillis, Steven Weber, Nathan lane and Bruce Davison costar.

I also recommend

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Top 2011 Movies on Netflix Streaming

This post is in the spirit of those year in review style posts. To be clear, these aren’t what I consider to be the best movies of 2011 out of every movie. Although a couple will also appear on that forthcoming list. These are just the best on Netflix. I know you need to watch something up to date every once in a while.

Technically some of these films are dated as being from 2010 but I’m going on when it was actually available to be seen by the majority of folks in the US. So I’ve included some that had a foreign, limited or festival release in 2010 but went wide on DVD in 2011.

Simply click the film’s title to be whisked away to it on Netflix.


Certified Copy (Copie conforme) (French) (Available Until 12/27/14)

"I'm afraid there's nothing very simple about being simple"

It’s certainly difficult to describe Certified Copy without giving away the movie. So let’s put it this way, a man and a woman who have a barbed attraction share a day together. Yes, it’s a talking movie. I loved it! The film stars Juliette Binoche and William Shimell.

A Little Help (Available Until 10/25/14)

After her husband’s passing a woman has to deal with raising her son and herself. This is a good little movie starring Jenna Fischer. Chris O’Donnell and Rob Benedict (Waiting) costar.

Passion Play (Available Until 07/20/13)

“Fuck normal”

Oh, Passion Play. I love the entire idea, casting, visual choices, et al of this film. Mickey Rourke stumbles into a traveling sideshow and meets a beautiful young woman (Megan Fox) who plays the part of an angel. Of course they fall for each other. Then there’s the fact that he’s tangled up with some other unsavory folks. The movie costars Bill Murray, Kelly Lynch and Rhys Ifans.

Limitless (Available Until 05/16/13)

Limitless is about a writer (Bradley Cooper) who ends up trying a drug that gives you hyper focus and confidence, or as I saw one commenter remark, something like a mix of Ritalin and Cocaine. Limitless was originally entitled Dark Fields and I get the feeling that it was supposed to be darker but it still works so well as this polished finished product. I’m still not sure of the character’s motivation but yeah, it was awesome!

Last Night (Available Until 01/01/13)

Last Night is about a married couple (Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington) who’ve been together for a while but are both tempted to cheat on the same night. Knightley’s character is definitely more fleshed out and relate-able. Ah, maybe that’s just to me, she’s a novelist who currently writes fashion pieces. Her possible fling is with a hot, foreign ex. Worthington mainly seems like a stock faithful husband who is confused and tempted. It’s by Eva Mendes though so it totally makes sense. In real life I believe cheating is basically the worst thing you can ever do but when it’s possibly going to be Worthington and Mendes getting it on, well, yes, I was egging them on. And Griffin Dunne plays a writer! I love when he does that.

A Beautiful Life (Mei Li Ren Sheng) (China/Hong Kong) (Available Until 12/13/12)

A booze and high heel loving real estate agent meets a police officer. She leads him on a bit while basically using him to do things for her. It’s one of those friend zone relationships. Do they get together? Ooh.


No Strings Attached (Available Until 06/22/13)

Well this is one of the two fuck buddies movies that were released in 2011 and it’s not the better of the two, that would be Friends with Benefits. However this is a decent, entertaining movie. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are two acquaintances who keep meeting. Eventually they hook up and then fall into a friends with benefits situation. I adore Portman playing a woman who is now trying to compartmentalize her life into just work (as a doctor) and sex after seemingly just working for a while. Kutcher works in TV. Kevin Kline and Cary Elwes costar. I feel like they were underused. Well Kline gets some scenes but is a bit cartoony. Elwes gets to say like two words. Ludacris, Lake Bell and Mindy Kaling costar.

Take Me Home Tonight (Available Until 05/16/13)

Topher Grace stars in this 80s themed comedy as a high school graduate (who was promising) but has been squandering his time since then. He runs into a crush (Amber Heard) and decides to lie his way into her good graces. The bulk of the film is set at a party involving a ton of great actors, Anna Faris (as his sister), Dan Fogler (as his sidekick), Chris Pratt (Faris’ IRL hubby as her onscreen fiance), Lucy Punch, Michael Ian Black and Michelle Trachtenberg. Funny flick. Check it out.

Potiche (Trophy Wife) (French) (Available Until 03/17/13)

Catherine Deneuve stars as the housewife of a jerk who runs a plant. She ends up taking it over. In doing so she meets up with a youthful dalliance (Gérard Depardieu) who opposes everything that her husband stands for. And it’s set in the 70’s! The costumes are awesome.


Faces in the Crowd (Available Until 10/25/16)

Milla Jovovich witnesses a murder and then is attacked by the murderer. In the process she is injured resulting in Prosopagnosia, which is severe face blindness. She can’t recognize anyone. Not only does this interfere with her day to day life but now she has no way of identifying the criminal. Julian McMahon costars as a police detective who takes a shine to her.

Hobo with a Shotgun (Available Until 08/05/14)

Rutger Hauer stars as the title character, yes a hobo with a shotgun!, in this zany exploitation flick.

The Resident (Available Until 07/20/12)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan creepily stalks his tenant, solitary doctor Hilary Swank. Lee Pace and Christopher Lee costar.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Available Until 12/29/14)
This was so frickin’ funny but it wasn’t really promoted at all. Tyler Labine (Reaper, Mad Love) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Dollhouse) are two likeable hillbillies who’ve saved up to buy a vacation cabin in the woods. They are all excited about chilling out when they meet some yuppie college kids who only see them as scary backwoods stereotypes. A ton of hilarious deaths ensue.

Red State (Available Until 10/18/14)

Three high school kids go in search of tail but end up in a really fucked up situation in this Kevin Smith film. Supposedly Kyle Gallner actually had a real panic attack during filming. The cast also includes John Goodman and Michael Angarano. The movie drags a little at one point but it picks back up.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (Available Until 05/03/14)

Dylan Dog wasn’t that great or anything but I still feel the need to include it because there’s some good stuff in it. Brandon Routh is a supernatural PI who’s bestie, Sam Huntington, dies and is shocked to find out that he’s now one of the undead. Huntington always cracks me up. Routh’s chest is mesmerizing. Some of the undead stuff is pretty inventive. The big bad is way too Spawny though.

Insidious (Available Until 05/09/13)

The creative team behind the first Saw film, James Wan and Leigh Whannell, wrote and directed this flick. It’s a vintage feeling ghost story. A family has to deal with a haunting. Rose Byrne (barf) and Patrick Wilson play the parents. Eventually they bring in a team of Ghost Hunters type investigators (including Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell). The movie has a great ambiance. I didn’t see that first little twist near the ending coming either.

Please share your 2011 picks with us in the comments section.

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Movie Rundown: May 2011

I did choose photos for this entry early in the month but yesterday was my birthday which means that all throughout May I was driving myself crazy with an existential crises and couldn’t get myself to focus long enough to write this. However I still want to post it because a lot of these films are blockbusters and will be out for a while. Plus I’ve actually seen some of them by now so I can give you my opinion on them.

(*****Stars are out of a possible 5*****)

Thor – 05/06

Thor is based on the Norse god of the same name. I was really into mythology when I was young so movies like this are right up my alley. I loved 2010’s Clash of the Titans but I can’t say the same for this movie. It’s got it’s good bits but it lacks something that I can’t put my finger on. Thor is pretty much a hothead who sets the plot in action by being too brash. I saw this film at the drive in and later with someone who hadn’t seen it at the theater. After the first showing I would have given it a 3 but after the second viewing it had grown on me a bit. I freakin’ loved Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) helmet, so ridiculous yet awesome. The film stars Chris Hemsworth (whose Thor will also be appearing in 2012’s The Avengers), Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo, Clark Gregg and Anthony Hopkins. The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Something Borrowed-05/06

This is a sappy chick flick with, what appears to be, an obvious ending. I am a sucker for bad Kate Hudson movies though so I really want to see this. It’s about 2 best friends, one of whom let’s the other date and then marry her crush. Oh will she eventually get him back? Probably. The film stars Kate Hudson, Ginnfer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski. It’s based on the book by the same name.

The Beaver-05/06 (Limited)

Unfortunately as someone who is online way too much I’ve been hearing about this terrible movie for a long ass time. Plot: “A troubled executive adopts a beaver hand-puppet as his sole means of communicating with his family and colleagues.” (from The film stars Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Anton Yelchin. It was also directed by Jodie Foster. I’m a big fan of Yelchin but I’m never watching this crap.

Last Night-05/06 (Limited)

Plot: “The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he’s attracted. While he’s resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love. ” (from The film stars Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, Anson Mount, Griffin Dunne and Stephanie Romanov. Intriguing, plus I love Worthington and Mendes. Definitely a rental for me.

Passion Play-05/06 (Limited)

As a big Megan Fox fan I’ve been reading things about this film for a while. The film has actually been available since it’s theatrical release date as rental on DirecTV (only for HD subscribers). Today the DVD also went on sale. Many people were taking this as a sign that the film sucks. I think it’s because it’s odd. It looks very interesting to me. Plot: “An angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck.” (from The film stars Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, Bill Murray, Rhys Ifans, Rory Cochrane and Kelly Lynch.


I was predisposed to love Bridesmaids as it stars 2 actresses from SNL and was directed by the super awesome Paul Feig. The film is about Annie (Kristen Wiig) who is trying to be a kick ass maid of honor for Lillian (Maya Rudolph) even as her whole life is falling apart. Plus she has to compete with the bride’s new best friend and deal with the men in her life. As usual, Jon Hamm plays a cad handsomely. It was extremely funny. The film stars Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm, Jessica St. Clair, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, the late Jill Clayburgh, Wendy McLendon-Covey (Rules of Engagement), Ellie Kemper (The Office) and Chris O’Dowd.


If you follow Mindy Kaling on twitter then you have already heard this but somewhere along the way Paul Bettany decided that it would be more fun to play creepy weirdos than hot guys (and who can blame him, that does sound fun). This is his newest creepfest. He is a priest who is trying to find the vampires who kidnapped his niece. This film was pushed for a long time. Most recently this was due to them converting it to 3D but it had already been pushed prior to that, which doesn’t exactly make me think, this will be great. However it does look very creepy so I will eventually rent it. The film stars Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q (Nikita), Brad Dourif, Stephen Moyer, Christopher Plummer and Madchen Amick.

Hesher-05/13 (Limited-NYC & LA)

Plot: “After the tragic loss of his mother, T. J. and his pill popping father are forced to live with T. J.’s elderly grandmother. A young man with a troubled past named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) assumes the role of both mentor and tormentor, leading T. J. into troubles he could never have imagined. A young grocery clerk named Nicole steps in to protect T. J., and becomes the object of T. J.’s fantasies, while Hesher moves into Grandma’s home. Although uninvited, he is somehow accepted.” (from Wikipedia). The reviews of Hesher haven’t been kind but I’m definitely interested in seeing this odd film. It’s also pretty awesome that Jaime King was promoting it even though she isn’t in it. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson.

Everything Must Go-05/13 (Limited)

This film is a depressing looking dramedy starring Will Ferrell…Pass. A dude who loses his wife and job being redeemed by a yard sale? Uh, no. The film costars Laura Dern and Stephen Root.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-05/20

The Pirates movies are fun and do serve their purpose but I’m not a huge fan or anything. I will either wait for the DVD or catch it in conjunction with another film at the drive in this summer. Honestly all of them sort of blur together for me. That being said there are a few things that look really neat about this one, they added Penelope Cruz and subtracted Kiera Knightley (hallelujah, she is super annoying and I’m a fan of Cruz), it involves mermaids and the Fountain of Youth and their is a cameo by Keith Richards (who Depp has said that he based Jack Sparrow on). Plus the locations look amazing. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was tweeting photos while they were on location last summer and the photos looked amazing, they look even more stellar in the trailer. The film stars Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane and Judi Dench. It was directed by Rob Marshall.

Midnight in Paris-05/20

This is the new Woody Allen film which also stars Owen Wilson so I will be renting the DVD post haste when it comes out (I live a small town so they won’t be showing it here…ever). Plot: “While in Paris, blocked writer Gil retreats from his fiance and her parents and is drawn into a mysterious adventure rooted in the City of Lights’ artistic history. ” (from The film stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen.

The Hangover Part 2-05/27

The Hangover Part 2 is the same set up as the original film but it’s set in Bangkok. It is fucking hilarious! I usually only give a film 5 stars if it’s very rewatchable. I have only seen this once so far but I can tell that I will watch it often in the future (like I have with the original). Hurry up and go see it! The film stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeon, Paul Giammati, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike Tyson and Nick Cassavetes. It was directed by Todd Phillips.

Kung Fu Panda Part 2-05/27

Yes, this is animated but cute. I did see the first film and it was okay. I wasn’t yearning for a sequel but if you had to take a kid to the movies I bet there’s some laughs in it. Plot: “Po joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon.” (from Characters in the film are voiced by Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, Davie Cross, Danny McBride and Victor Garber.

The Tree of Life-05/27 (Limited)

Yes, people are jizzing their pants over this movie but it looks like the tyhpe of sappy, sentimental crap I don’t give a shit about. Also I miss 90’s Brad Pitt. Plot: “The story centers around a family with three boys in the 1950s. The eldest son witnesses the loss of innocence.” (from The film stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Joanna Going. It was written and directed by Terence Malick.