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Lex of Smarmy Clothes is in a band and they just released this very fun cover of Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go.

There’s a dramatic series starring Cumming as a drag queen and I’ve never heard of it? Man, the things you miss when you don’t have cable (or live in England). I’m going to have to find a way to watch this.

Jessica Harlow’s great video of Diane Von Furstenberg who discusses being yourself and standing up for yourself. At one point she basically says that people are going to question or insult you anyway so you might as well be standing up for who you really are as opposed to acting like someone else and then having to fight to be some fake persona.

from the 12/17/11 episode of Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon did a kick ass job. I didn’t stop laughing. Sometimes I find that they overdo Kristen Wiig’s characters but I really enjoyed the return of this one.

James Franco and Laurel Nakadate Raise the Dead-This is a piece from Interview about that unusual play/seance that James Franco recently put on NYC (which I had previously mentioned on twitter). I wish I could have been there.

my kind gift guide-from Alicia Silverstone. Some cute ideas for crafty folks.

Dating Advice For Jason Segel“When a woman is visiting your apartment for the first time and you’re feeling nervous about your puppet room, take all of the puppets out of the puppet room and put them in your bedroom with roses in their mouths.”-cracked me up.

David Cronenberg: It’s as if my old movies don’t exist-Salon’s interview with David Cronenberg about his new film A Dangerous Method. This movie sounds so up my alley,a Cronenberg film about Freud with a great cast.

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup-a very powerful article about Americans being overworked and how their patriotism/threat of losing their jobs is being used against them to perpetuate this. This is a good read for all of you online independent contractors. (It doesn’t change anything but it’s still interesting.)

25 clever ideas to make life easier

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Sonny Movie Review aka Whores In Love-starring James Franco
Top 1990s Teen Movies on Netflix Streaming-Did you know that Jason Segel was the clean cut friend in SLC Punk?
Movie Quotes: A Night At The Roxbury-based on the Roxbury guys SNL sketch.
Web Oodles 4/22/10-featuring photos from photographer Mary Ellen Matthews, who shoots the interstitial photos of the hosts/bands that appear on SNL.


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“The self check outs suck, I’m just saying.”

Recently I saw that on a social networking site. I’m not proud of the fact that I reciprocate following and all of that BS but hey, I’m not alone. Since I’m feeling incredibly annoyed at myself (for doing this in the first place) and at society in general here you go.

1. The screen is too complex for you.

2. You are mad that you can’t hit on the female cashier who took this job for all of the tasty dick.

3. You think that you are more important than everyone else and that someone should stand at the door and wave you out without you paying while saying “Have a good day handsome gentlemen”.

4. You can’t find the button on the screen that will allow you to text everyone directly from the screen to inform them of your dissatisfaction.

5. The screen is too straightforward and functional. I mean where are the pop ups telling you how awesome you are and what kind of shoes to wear to be the coolest guy with that exact same hair cut?

Yes, way too many things remind me of Idiocracy.


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I received this neat box from Influenster. Please watch the video for details on the products, then read my reviews and finally check out the polyvore at the bottom for buying info.

Garden Botanika Lash Primer

I was quite excited to try this primer and it has lived up the hype that I created about it in my mind. It went on easily, made my lashes look fuller with less mascara and was easy to remove.

Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap

I mentioned in the video that I have sensitive skin and this worked great on it. I liked the feel of the exfoliants as well. Plus it has a light, pleasing scent.


I was even more impressed with this than I expected. It contained nice chunks of cherry and nuts. I look forward to buying this and other flavors in the future.

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

So, uh, I may be addicted to these. I’ve been chewing them a lot. They leave your breath super fresh and the flavor lasts longer than my usual, go to gum. Opening the packaging was tricky though and I half tore one of my nails so be careful with that. You will need to be forceful. I didn’t want to utilize any tools in opening it as that would be silly to expect when people are buying/using them right after their purchase in grocery and department stores.

imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

I will not be using these until New Year’s as I’ll be doing holiday nails leading up to then. I adore the print though.

New York Color Liquid Lip Shine

The color of this gloss was lighter than in the bottle. This means that it was too light for my skin and clashed with it. You need to be very pale for this, IMHO. I usually go with the second color up when buying foundation to give you an idea. I also found it a bit too wet and sticky for me. It think that it’d be better for a younger lady. I am fond of the scent though, it’s sort of a chocolate or coconut scent.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask

As I’ve mentioned twice already, I have sensitive skin. I am not allergic to strawberries inwardly, I eat them, but this made my face feel uncomfortably itchy and I had to wash it off repeatedly for the feeling to stop. I had a feeling that might happen though. For instance I am not allergic to my contact solution in my eyes but when gets on my face I am. I did leave it on the full time though and I didn’t get a rash or anything, just slightly pink which seems normal. It also took off a bit of dead skin which seemed good but that could have been due to my repeated washing. I would try the cucumber next time as I already use and have no problem using other cucumber products. I think that it’s very cool that they are a vegetarian company. I also recommend using scissors to cut it open as just pulling it as instructed on the package was difficult.

Influenster Holiday VoxBox



If you are interested in purchasing these products simply click this polyvore for more info on where to buy them online.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent these items free of charge but that doesn’t affect my thoughts on them.


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FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot Workshop-You can order your own custom muppet. It’s $99 but that doesn’t actually seem too bad considering that it’s a freakin’ muppet. How neat. I designed this one just for fun.

Sabrina & Salem: Together Again-Melissa Joan Hart and Nick Bakay star in this hilarious video.

My Drunk Kitchen, Ep. 12: Pizza-pizza, it’s the best

What Girls Do When They’re Drunk-Jenna Marbles being hilarious, yet accurate, as per usual.

Lust for Love Movie Facebook page-Basically everyone who was part of the cast of the amazing Dollhouse (aside from Eliza Dushku), including Enver Gjokak, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Miracle Laurie and Maurissa Tancharoen, raised money via Kickstarter to make an independent romantic comedy (how did I miss this campaign?). So cool. FYI-they were casting extras recently on there too. Plus there are a bunch of behind the scenes pics.

Ice Cube Is Bringing Friday Back!!-They are officially making a new Friday movie, very cool.

Lushworthy Creations: “Lush Cider” (Created Using Conjure Cognac & Smirnoff Whipped Cream) Recipe-This sounds so yummy. Unfortunately I live in a police state that has outdated liquor laws so there isn’t much selection. That means that, no, no one around here sells Ludacris’ Cognac (which I’ve been wanting to try forever). Ludacris even tweeted about this recipe, so it’s LudaApproved!

Want to ring Charlie Sheen for a chat? Here’s his number-Some brave souls called the number, read/watch what happened.

I Played Phone Tag With Charlie Sheen-I normally would never link you to Jezebel (yuck) but this is pretty interesting and I came across it after reading the above post.

“Dear Alec Baldwin…”-He makes some good points about Alec Baldwin, his recent airline complaint and public perception versus the characters that an actor plays.

Hobo drink a too much from David Arquette’s twitter. It’s a video of him basically just playing with some Christmas figures. Maybe is amuses me because my sister and I used to do that as kids.

The 50 Best Animal Photos Of 2011-If you love animals then check these out, a mix of adorable and sad shots.

Vegan, Sugar Free, Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe-These sound very tasty.

Happy 51st Julianne Moore. What’s Next?-If you are a fan then you should definitely read this (and Nathaniel’s interview with her from 2010 that he links to).

Nicki Minaj Barbie doll: Would you buy one for your kids?-I don’t have a dog in this fight (I’m not a mom) but this doll freakin’ adorable. They should mass market them.

Best $2k I Ever Spent! Iggy & The Stooges Rock The Palladium Like Zombie Kings-espouses how Iggy is still super awesome in concert.

First Look: Angry, Trident-Wielding Perseus from ‘Wrath of the Titans’-I am a fan of Clash of the Titans so I am definitely psyched about this sequel.

Stocking Stuffers: 13 Writing Tips From Chuck Palahniuk-Hey fellow writers, here are some great tips from one of my favorite authors.

The importance of being alone-a good read. I’ve been alone (not always by choice) much of my life but I have female friends who never do stuff alone and they always tell me when they do because they know that I will be proud of them. FYI-You do need to be prepared if you are heading somewhere with a lot of misogynists (ex. dive bar) because they may insult you, just a heads up (it does happen). I rarely have problems at the theater or restaurants though.

The Lords of Salem-Rob Zombie has a new horror movie coming out next year about a radio station. The cast includes Sheri Moon Zombie, Dee Wallace, Billy Drago, Ken Foree, Bruce Davison, Christopher Knight, Michael Berryman, Sid Haig, Patricia Quinn, Clint Howard and Udo Kier.


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Filmmaker, author, & movie reviewer Chris Gore (or Nerdlebrity, as he dubs himself) is currently raising money to make an original animated series. Go here to contribute to FetishVIL on IndieGoGo.

Gore describes this project as Robot Chicken with sex. His series will feature puppet animation (scantily clad Barbie type dolls) in a dungeon called FetishVIL. Gore knows entertainment & S&M so this should be good.

So far Gore has the following actresses and models on board to voice the characters, Sara Jean Underwood, Nicki Hunter, Ari Dee and Merrie Swain.

You can contribute $5 to $2,500. For $5 you will get a doll sized autographed photo and a certificate. The most popular perk is $25. This amount gets you a DVD of the complete unrated first season of FetishVIL plus the original perk. For $40 you get an awesome FetishVIL tee (yes those are doll legs!), the DVD & the original perk. $50 gets you the DVD and an invite to a screening party with Chris Gore and cast members (plus the original perk). If you follow Gore on twitter then you know that he knows how to party.

So don’t wait any longer. Go here to contribute right now!

Check It Out:
FetishVIL on twitter
FetishVIL on Facebook
Chris Gore on twitter
Chris Gore’s official site

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