Style File: Ode To Charlie

So you’re probably wondering about the type of person who uses Charlie Sheen as a style inspiration.

On Charlie Sheen
I’ve been having a bad month. The first week of the month I was mad at myself for not being able to get enough money together to go somewhere (which isn’t surprising since I do not earn much no matter how many hours I work) & was feeling pretty self destructive. However that same week Charlie Sheen totally stole my thunder. He just burst onto the scene with (mostly) nonsensical catch phrases & anger (um, over earning about $48 million per year by getting to act like himself on TV, sounds tough). Most people watched it like a car wreck while teens were all over Sheen like he was an old school rock star. While he appeared to be on a lot of drugs he still said he wasn’t. That is probably the only problem I had with the whole thing. Uh & putting a bunch of people out of work on Two and A Half Men. If you follow me on twitter you probably know that I have mixed feelings about Sheen. I have no problem with someone who wants to party but I do have a problem with physical abuse against women. If you watched his interview though you will notice that he actually made a couple of good points. Like, yeah some people probably are jealous of him & why would you want to go to Bible thumping rehab & say that you are worthless? He even mentioned that people like to put people who are out there on spirit crushing antidepressants. Of course, all of that was mixed in with phrases like “tiger’s blood”, “adonis DNA” & “winning”. I don’t have an answer to the how/what/why of Sheen (I also don’t go looking for unicorns) but I would advise against buying tickets to any of his “shows” because crackheads aren’t exactly trustworthy when it comes to keeping appointments.


On My Pain

Okay, so none of that explains my outfit. A couple of weeks ago I was upset and out and about trying to clear my head. At that time I tried to move something way too heavy (big mistake, huge) and I pulled something in my back, arms & hands. This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I don’t really listen to or care about my body so I still worked 10 hours the next day & then exercised on my extremely old upright bike that always hurts your back when you use it. This means that I was in really bad pain for basically the last couple of weeks but tried to ignore it in the beginning & eventually had to just lay on my back & do nothing for a few days (plus some home remedies) so that I’m now feeling a bit better.

channeling MJ/real pain

The Outfit
About a week ago I was still trying to work & one night when I was up delirious with pain I saw Sheen’s new “Duh, Winning” shirt on his site for sale. Maybe usually I would just be like, okay I kind of want that but move on. But it also hit me that it was just 2 words written on a tee. So the next day I forced myself to take a really slow walk and thought I’d make my own out of an old worn men’s v-neck tee that I’ve had forever to wear that day. I used a regular black Sharpie marker because I was impatient and that’s all that I had. However I would recommend doing this with a fabric marker (they are super easy to use) because something written in Sharpie may fade, bleed or rub off on other clothing. I wasn’t really worried about it because it was a spur of the moment thing and I probably won’t be wearing it often anyway. I had a little trouble writing the words legibly on the tee because my hands were inflamed but anyone else (and me on a normal day) could probably do this easily. I figured I’d throw on the awesome Eugenia Kim fedora that I bought last year. In case you haven’t noticed Charlie wears a lot of fedoras. Since the tee was threadbare I knew that my bra would show. So I chose a houndstooth bra since I thought that it went with the old guy vibe. Of course it’s one of the many print/color variations of the Joe Boxer balconette bra from Kmart that I wear all of the time. Seriously it’s like the best style ever, no padding, underwire, lift, cute colors/prints & only $10.99 (but like 1/2 of the time they have them on sale buy one get one 1/2 off). I topped that off with a hoodie & my favorite jacket that I wear all of the time. Plus my current favorite peach & orange lipstick and gloss. Oh & don’t forget to slather on the black eyeshadow since it will help you look even more seedy.

I love this lipstick
I imagine this is what Sheen looks like when communicating with aliens or yelling about his billions ("I hate you universe, stop throwing money at me!")

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